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Professional Ghostwriting and Editing Services

Word Philocaly offers a team of skilled ghostwriters and editors to create or polish your books and documents. With our decade-long expertise, we follow a proven method to deliver your project on time. Let us bring your ideas to life!

Unleashing Malaysia’s Finest Ghostwriters

When it comes to ghostwriting, nothing beats the ability to capture your voice authentically. Just like chameleons seamlessly blend into their surroundings, our skilled ghostwriters adeptly adapt their writing style to mirror yours.

Rest assured, we’ll assign you the perfect writer to meet your unique needs.

Whether your target audience resides in Malaysia or across the globe, our team of professional ghostwriters will breathe life into your words. Trust us to expertly craft your:

  • Book
  • Article
  • Speech
  • Blog post
  • Screenplay
  • Press release

Simply send us an email or send us a message to receive a complimentary quote.

✪ Business Ghostwriting Services

Word Philocaly specializes in assisting business, academic, and finance authors in developing authoritative and impactful books and projects. Our diverse clientele includes CEOs of public-listed companies, entrepreneurs, financiers, professionals in various fields, and more.

By leveraging our ghostwriting services, you can establish yourself as an industry expert. The written work we produce can be instrumental in attracting clients, securing speaking engagements, and achieving your business objectives. We understand the value of your time and will ensure a seamless process that minimizes disruption to your daily routine.

✪ Fiction Ghostwriting Services

Embarking on a fiction writing journey is a personal and transformative experience. Choosing the right ghostwriter or editor can play a pivotal role in achieving your creative aspirations and breaking through any writing obstacles.

Our dedicated team of fiction ghostwriters excels in developing captivating characters, weaving intricate plotlines, and meeting crucial project deadlines. During our initial consultation, we eagerly delve into your unique goals and discuss how our tailored services can bring your literary vision to fruition.

✪ Memoir Ghostwriting Services

Crafting a memoir requires a distinct approach that goes beyond traditional fiction or business writing. Whether you’re penning your own memoir or seeking our assistance for a loved one, entrusting a ghostwriter with these deeply personal stories is an intimate and empowering journey.

Our team of memoir ghostwriters comprises seasoned professionals who genuinely invest in understanding your voice, experiences, and aspirations. Moreover, our streamlined process ensures that we capture the essence of your story swiftly and seamlessly, minimizing disruptions to your daily life.

✪ Autobiography Ghostwriter Services

Autobiographies are intricate tapestries that portray the remarkable tapestry of a person’s life. What truly matters is capturing an engaging narrative that authentically reflects your unique journey. Our accomplished ghostwriters are well-versed in assisting writers at various stages of the writing process. Whether you’re seeking guidance to kick-start your idea or require a meticulous review of your completed manuscript, our team provides the expertise and keen eye needed to ensure a cohesive and compelling narrative from start to finish.

Five Advantages of Hiring a Professional Ghostwriting Agency

  1. Expert Assistance: Receive comprehensive ghostwriter services to ensure a polished manuscript.
  2. Continuity: In case of unforeseen circumstances, another skilled writer can seamlessly take over.
  3. Consistency: Our vetted writers adhere to established guidelines throughout your project.
  4. Legal Protection: Standard contracts provide you with necessary safeguards.
  5. Troubleshooting Support: If any issues arise, our team is ready to step in and assist.

Five Benefits of Engaging a Word Philocaly’s Ghostwriter

  1. Cultural Compatibility: Word Philocaly is well-known for its friendly and accommodating nature.
  2. Language Proficiency: We excel in both US and UK English, including Australian English, Canadian English, and local English in Southeast Asian countries.
  3. Diligence and Commitment: Expect dedicated and conscientious work ethics.
  4. Global Perspective: Our writers possess knowledge of Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA, and beyond.
  5. Talent Allocation: Our focus is on assigning the most suitable writer, regardless of location.

Five Tips for Effective Collaboration with a Professional Ghostwriter

  1. Provide Detailed Information: Furnish your ghostwriter with as much relevant detail as possible.
  2. Timely Feedback: Keep the writing process flowing smoothly by promptly providing feedback.
  3. Utilize “Track Changes”: Use this feature for clear and efficient communication of revisions.
  4. Timely Payment: Maintain a seamless workflow by ensuring timely payment for services.
  5. Foster a Friendly Environment: Cultivate a positive working relationship for effective collaboration.

Five Essential Elements to Discuss with Your Ghostwriter

  1. Target Audience: Clearly define your ideal readers or viewers.
  2. Desired Emotions: Communicate the specific feelings you want to evoke in your audience.
  3. Call to Action: Outline the desired response or action you want from your readers or viewers.
  4. Inclusive Details: Share every relevant detail you wish to incorporate into the project.
  5. Tone and Atmosphere: Specify the desired tone and atmosphere to set the right mood.

Personal Consultation with Word Philocaly

At Word Philocaly, our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your writing goals. During your free 20-minute consultation, we will gather details about your project and explain our proven ghostwriting process. Whether you’re working on a memoir or a business book, our goal is to bring your message to the world while preserving your unique voice and minimizing disruption to your daily life. Let us help you share your story.

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