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Website Translation for the Success of Your Business

“The more languages you have through website translation, the better.” — this is what we hear more and more frequently from plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs. We couldn’t agree more with this statement. The truth is, globalization in recent years has highlighted the importance of languages. Languages are not only limited to the classroom settings to obtain perfect scores; it is also paramount in the business world.

The future of your business — big or small — can be pretty much predicted depending on if you are able to target a more diverse audience with a good multilingual communication strategy. As a result, company websites with languages of your target markets are essential and that’s why great website translation services become indispensable.

However, before jumping into creating a bilingual or multilingual website for your business, it is important that you ask yourself a series of key questions. In this article, you’ll find out how the answers to your questions can make the multilingual website creation as effective as possible — both short-term and long-term.

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What should be the target translation languages on your international website?

This is an essential question for sure. For most businesses, they always consider English as the first language of their website as this language is one of the most widely spoken languages, as well as the most international language in the world. Besides, a large part of the world population also speaks English even though their national languages are not English.

However, this is not always the case. For example, if your target audience whose mother tongue is not English and most people of the country have very low English proficiency, such as people from Japan, China, and other third-world countries, the smartest step is to translate your source language into their native languages.

This is particularly critical if your company has not yet been globalized but started to set your foot in the international market by penetrating and expanding to a specific territory, localizing your website with the target language will be your best bet. At the end of the day, you want to convey your marketing message effectively to your target audience, get more leads and ultimately gain more clients.

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Do you translate your website into one or several languages?

This will depend largely on the budget you have and the markets you would like to penetrate. Professional translations of great quality, an impressive portfolio, and immense experience involve a higher but reasonable amount of money. Thus if you’d like your business to get more attention from diverse audiences and you can afford to translate into several languages, translating your website into several languages will be a good option.

How to translate your company website?

Translating a language into another is not a difficult task. However, translating your website in a target language that will achieve a native level is a much more complicated undertaking that requires a substantial amount of time, work and experience. The translation is, in fact, one of the most meticulous tasks that ever exists. Therefore, having a good translation for your website requires great skills and time — two aspects that will undoubtedly make a difference for your website communication.

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Word Philocaly is Your Website Translation Expert

It is recommended that you turn to professionals for your website translation as they can make sure that your money will be well spent with striking results. Turn to translation experts such as the Word Philocaly and our qualified professionals will take your business to the next level without any language barriers.

Have a translation project that requires our assistance? Let’s talk and we’ll be happy to collaborate with you.

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