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Many companies today in Malaysia can be hardly considered as local today. Even countless SMEs in the country, just like any other countries in the world, are operating internationally. In other words, these organizations need to do businesses with other foreign-language markets. This is where translation services in Malaysia come into the picture.

Contrary to what a lot of business owners think, translation is definitely not about literal translation. With that said, translation isn’t about converting words from one language to another. Therefore, businesses would think that their best bet is to get together their own team of full-time translators. The fact is, proficient and experienced translators are hard to come by these days. This is especially true when it comes to finding someone who can introduce your brand efficiently to foreign markets.

Rather than spending tons of money and time to set up your in-house translators, you should consider outsourcing language translation services – to a professional translation services provider like Word Philocaly. Here are five reasons why outsourcing your translations is actually the better choice.

1. Access to Professional Translators and Expertise

Professional Translators and Expertise

Someone who knows a language doesn’t mean he or she can be a translator.

A translator takes years to hone their ability with many years of study. They are not only experts in your target language translations; they also have specific insights into the country’s culture and markets.

According to a GALA report published in 2017, a professional translator is especially critical for marketing translation. This is because professional translators are able to keep pace with the ever-changing linguistic nuances, jargons, and slang of your new market. Therefore, in order to stand out from this competitive landscape, you need someone who knows your target audience and industry.

2. Outsourcing Translations Save You Money

A piggy banks that help save money

Hiring an in-house and full-time translator may sound convenient for you at first. However, it is actually the more expensive solution to achieve your business expansion goal. The reason is obvious. As a business owner, just think about the money you have to spend every year on a full-time translator, even if there isn’t always a project for them to work on. Apart from the basic salaries, you will also pay for their benefits, sick days and annual leaves, insurance, etc.

On the other hand, an outsourced translator is someone who isn’t employed full-time by you and work outside your offices. With that being said, you will only pay for translation services that you require on an ad-hoc basis. It is extremely beneficial as you don’t have to fork out money to pay for salaries and benefits every month. Besides, if you have a small office space to support extra workers, engaging an outsourcing translation provider is able to solve your problem.

3. Professional Translators Are Ready to Take-On Any Projects

A professional translator ready for any projects by businesses

Translation services provider is always ready for any of your projects. Word Philocaly has a translation team made up of native translators of different countries and industries. We also have a project manager to communicate exactly your requirements to the most suitable translator. Our company is dedicated to provide translation services that specializing in different markets and businesses.  

Outsourcing translation can make sure that your translated documents are accurate and consistent according to your business guidelines. This is something the free translation apps can’t do for you. You can read the reasons you need a real human translator instead of a robot. (Check out this forum, and this one right here so you’ll know what we mean!)

4. More than Just Translation

It may be surprising for you: many professional translation service providers today are capable to do more than just translation. Some can transcribe and translate your media and digital content; and some can even offer copywriting, proofreading, script writing, and other content or marketing related services.

In addition to that, a translation outsourcing provider can offer you consultation of your translated content, and find the optimal solution on how you can improve your localization. Don’t be shocked that you can actually get more bang for your bucks by outsourcing your translation!

5. Attention to Quality

The word good means good quality translation services

Last but not least, no one takes care of your translations more carefully than a professional translator. An expert translator is able to find the flaws in your texts. They strip down or clarify your sentences when necessary. Therefore, this additional proofing turn your original text into a more readable and effective one.

Have Your Documents Translated by a Competent Translator Today

If you want to be successful in your business, you should always resist the temptation to translate your company documents in-house. Ensuring the consistency and linguistic quality of your translated texts on your own is a costly and time-consuming process. We highly recommend that you outsource your translation projects to a reliable and professional provider.  

Word Philocaly can ensure the best linguistic results for all your translation and copywriting needs. Speak to us today!

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