Professional Copywriting in Malaysia

Copywriting is definitely hard and it’s not a skill you can just pick up easily. It’s nothing like what we learned about writing in school in Malaysia.

The size of your business doesn’t really matter that much when it comes to outsourcing your copywriting tasks to a professional. But for a lot of smaller businesses in Malaysia, they tend to overlook this – not knowing the importance of words.

Copywriting Demand Is on the Rise in Malaysia

However, this lack of awareness is gradually changing. Many businesses in Malaysia have now outsourced their copywriting to a professional copywriter or an agency. This is because companies can no longer deny the facts:

Marketing through copywriting (or content marketing in general) can generate 3 times more leads than traditional marketing! What’s more, content marketing actually costs way less than traditional marketing, a whopping 62% less in marketing expenses!

In addition to the increased leads and much, MUCH lower costs – today, Word Philocaly is going to talk about the reasons when you’ll want to use a pro like us. So you’ll have a full toolset to help you stand out from the thousands of millions of content copies.

1. The Most Cost-Effective Way for Company Growth

Professional Copywriting in Malaysia

Many companies think that they can write their own content without the help of a copywriter or content writer. However, the facts are many of their employees don’t have much time, energy and qualification to do so.

Here’s a surprising truth for you: even a lot of content creation agencies or branding agencies outsource their content to Word Philocaly!

Just like everywhere around the world, tons of businesses in Malaysia has got on board with content marketing for their company growth. You surely don’t want to risk falling behind the competitors by using this much cheaper alternative!

2. Using a Professional Copywriter Saves Time

Professional Copywriting in Malaysia

Writing great content takes a lot of time, we’re not kidding – a lot, a lot of time.  For informal writing for company’s internal use, sometimes it might make sense for your to do it yourself, but most of the time it’s a much better idea to call in a professional copywriter.

 Assigning writing tasks to an employee will make it hard for them to focus on other profit-generating tasks: business development, product development, marketing and sales.

3. Professional Copywriters Capture Your Brands and Services Perfectly

Professional Copywriting in Malaysia

A professional copywriter you hire doesn’t just help you write with beautiful words, they also help you capture your brand and services with the most proper tone of voice and style

It’s not something that an English major graduate or someone who has a knack in writing can just do right away. This is because professional copywriters have spent thousands of hours to craft and master their skills through writing quality content for a myriad of industries.

Word Philocaly has a team of industry-specific copywriters with experienced training in different industries. We are able to customize a perfect piece that syncs with your brand, products and services, in order to engage your audience and turn them into your loyal customers.

4. You Need Content Marketing and Industrial Expertise

Professional Copywriting in Malaysia

You may be really good at writing when you were a college student or your personal blog, but you will need a specialized copywriter to write company profiles, sales letter, presentation, white paper, etc. to turn your fans into your customers. 

Besides, when it comes to digital content marketing, you will need a copywriter who has a strong SEO knowledge – to help your content pieces rank well on Google or search engines

5. You Get Absorbed in Your Topic

Professional Copywriting in Malaysia

Using languages and words that are too specified to your industry will be detrimental to your business. When you are too close to your industry and get absorbed in your own topic, there’s a big change that you will lose your potential customers forever.

The jargons you use will be confusing and without the knowledge of a copywriter has, you’ll very likely to just talk about your product or service features rather than the benefits.

Therefore, when you hire a copywriter, you will be able to impress your customers by making the content exciting and at the same time easy to understand. This is because professional copywriters possess the real customer languages that can help you connect with your customers

Our experience copywriters and content writers at Word Philocaly are able to tap into basic human emotions and customers’ needs, by turning our words into your irresistible content. We make your customers find you in the crowded markets in Malaysia.

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