Copywriting vs Content Writing

Copywriting vs. Content Writing: The Difference

The difference between copywriting and content writing are often not known by many. While there are certainly some similarities, the great distinction between each discipline lies in the objective of writing it. When you want more sales, it’s critical to know how these two differ because you will require the right kind of writer to maximize your conversion rate. None is superior to the other but both share the ultimate goal of improving your business profit. For this reason, they should be essential elements in your marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll let you know the difference of copywriting vs. content writing. Hopefully by the time you finish reading, you’ll be able to make the right choice. Let’s get going!

Copywriting vs. Content Writing

The purpose of copywriting often means writing for marketing or promotional advertising; while content writing intends to inform and entertain the website and online audiences. Still confused? No worries because we’re going to disclose more in details.

What Is Copywriting?

In a nutshell, copywriting is the writing of persuasion in an alluring form. It intends to grab the attention of the audience through writing in a more conversational and interactive form. It often tells the story and value of a brand, as well as its products and services. In addition to that, copywriting is targeted towards potential customers for them to take action. Oftentimes, effective copywriting uses the powerful combination of words and language to grab the reader’s attention immediately. It concisely promotes the product or service idea, prompting readers to make a purchase. Most people will call copywriting the sales writing, due to the fact that it is mostly used in sales copy, advertisements, emails, brochures, digital ads, print ads, landing pages, etc. As a business owner, the only thing you have to do is to give a copywriter your desired business outcome – and they’ll give you a copy that has the perfect tone of voice and hit the right emotional spot of the readers. All in all, it will drive real-world results and increase sales. Want to know more about what copywriting is? Check out our article “What Is Copywriting?”

What is Content Writing?

Unlike copywriting, content writing is more concerned with content that educates and provides useful information to the readers. The content is usually written in a more laid-back format so that it will engage readers to keep reading and keep coming back to your blog or website. With that being said, content writing has another purpose which is to hit the SEO benchmarks (if you don’t know what SEO is, here’s a very good definition), increase website traffic, enhance Google searchability, and thereby bringing your website or content to rank high in Google search results. Content writer are people who are experienced in digital marketing and social media marketing strategies. They usually create content websites, social media, blogs, and email. The informative content created is also used to strengthen the relationship between the brand and customers. Once the customers trust you as a brand through your content, they will be able to make informed purchasing decisions.

So, What do You Really Need?

Now you have read the differences between copywriting and content writing, you should be able to know which one to choose. To reiterate, there is no good or bad for each type of writing – all you have to know is which one suits your business need and when you should use one over the other. In summary, any type of relevant and well-written content is definitely a growth tool for your business, no matter which industry you are in. Content writing tempts the readers keep returning to your blog or website for the most immediate and updated information; while copywriting uses the beauty of words and language to spark the readers’ desire to take an immediate action. In other words, content writing brings audience to the website, and then copywriting converts your audience into your loyal consumers.

Which One does Word Philocaly Offer?

Lucky for you, Word Philocaly has a team of professional content specialists and copywriters for all your marketing and promotional efforts. Depending on your marketing needs and business requirements, we will be able to provide you the optimal type of writing. So why wait? Get in touch with us now! You can also find us on: Website | Facebook | Instagram | WhatsApp | Telegram | Twitter
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