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3 Reasons Why Your Products AREN’T Selling

There are many reasons why your products aren’t selling. Let’s take a look at this scenario:

Many of you may be experiencing this at the moment – you’ve spent months creating and fine-tuning your product with all the features and benefits. Now, you’re ready to put it out there and rock the industry.

But days and weeks have gone by, you’re just not seeing good conversion rate (if you don’t know what conversion rate is, no problem! Here’s the definition for you); or your products aren’t selling at all. Despite your best efforts to share and advertise your products, your products do not gain the results you have anticipated. 

Worse, when you check your product performance, people might have clicked through your sales page, but none of them have clicked the buy button. And the click you have got for your sales page might as well come from your family and friends.

Sounds familiar? We know how frustrating it is! – Especially when you’ve poured your heart and soul into your product, your baby. But please don’t feel defeated just because no one has bought your products. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a great product, it just means that you have committed some common mistakes when it comes to selling. In this article, we will tell you the 3 reasons why you struggle to make a sale and how to fix them.

Here Comes the Real Reasons Why Your Products Aren’t Selling

#1 You Target the Wrong Market

When business owners are asked, “Who’s your target market?” – It’s shocking many of them don’t know the answer. You need to identify the target market of your product first, before you can proceed with your marketing strategy and sales actions.

One way to know your target market is to consider the demographics in terms of gender, age, occupation, income, geographical location, industry, marital status, education, etc.  If you’re targeting the wrong audience, or worse not targeting at all, you will break your product success before you know it. For example, if you’re selling organic food products, then your target market are often consumers who: value a quality and healthy lifestyle, and have a disposable income for more expensive organic products.

#2 Your Content Is Not Attractive Enough

Next thing, your content or copy. Are you selling to with an informative and interesting pitch? Does your copy tell audience the product’s benefits or what your products can solve? Is your copy engaging enough to make audience keep reading until the end and take an action? Writing a copy that is dull with only features will just kill your sales right away. Period.

Your content has to be something that your customers can benefit from in regards to your product. And with that information, they will be able to make a buying decision at once.  But what kind of writing do you need? You can read our articles “Copywriting vs. Content Writing: The Difference”  and “What is Copywriting? Here’s What You Need to Know” to find out.

#3 You Don’t Have a Good Pricing

Another thing you should be aware of when your products don’t sell might because you may be a little greedy with your margins. There is a difference between selling a brand and selling a product. When you’re selling a product or a commodity, you’ll make money but not a huge margin out of it. You will only gain huge profits when you are actually growing a brand and you’re selling a brand on top of your products or services.

Therefore, if your offer is just mediocre or the same with everybody else on the market, chances are you need to set a price that’s similar to the market price as well. Unless your products are too good to pass up, pricing too high can be the reason your products just don’t get going.

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So Now You Know Why Your Products Aren’t Selling…

There are, of course, some other factors in addition to the top three reasons we have just discussed. But in conclusion, most of time your products are just fine – it comes down to how you present your products to the world – that’s the real problem.

Now, over to you. Do you know someone whose products or services just don’t perform the way they hope for? Share this post with them or share your story in the comments down below!

If you’re at a loss for what to write, or there’s a language barrier when it comes to sell your products or services, talk to us now! We’ll do our best to provide you the service you require – so that your product sales soar!

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