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What Is Copywriting? Here’s What You Need to Know

We get asked a lot what copywriting is. Many people assume that the responsibility of a copywriter is to help them protect their inventions against infringement. NOOOO. It’s not “copyright”, but “copywrite”. (We have even met some people asking us if we manufacture typewriter as well.)

We won’t blame you if you don’t know. Because now it’s not too late to know more about what it is, and why it is so important for every business — from solopreneurs to entrepreneurs, from small-medium businesses (SMEs) to international corporations. In this article, we will tell you all about it.

What Is Copywriting in Marketing?

Copywriting in advertising and marketing is one of the most crucial elements for successful and effective results. A copywriter with good copywriting skill is able to create a copy with written words to get people attention and interests, and then subsequently for them to take an action after reading or hearing them.

All in all, your copywriting serves as a call-to-action so that your audience will want to buy and use your products or services. Eventually, they will turn into your loyal customers.

The Purposes of Copywriting

To reiterate, copywriting can capture your audience attention and elicit a positive response. Therefore, businesses that engage our service has a goal to inform and persuade their readers, making them become their clients. Here are some of the purposes of copywriting:

  1. Getting your readers or audience want to engage with you or your business.
  2. Giving content or information that are truly valuable to the audience or existing customers.
  3. Getting them to desire your products or services and want to buy from you — all because they enjoy the useful information and content you provide, not out of pressure or just novelty.

Everyone can Write, Right?

Then, why would I need a copywriter? You would ask. Simple — because not everyone can write copies that will generate response and sales. Most importantly, copywriting is the art and science of beautifully and powerfully crafting spoken or written words that will get people to take action.

Not only taking action, your well-crafted copy will then become a truly memorable copy for your readers, and they would help spread the words for you.

Simply put, the keyword here for copywriting is ‘craft’.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary “craft” means an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

In other words, copywriters have great skills to write good copy. And these skills are not just sole talent, but they take several years of training and practice.

copywriting examples
Copywriting can capture your audience attention and elicit a positive response.

Why You Should Hire a Copywriter?

Those days before the Internet, copywriting was already in great demand for an ample amount of marketing, advertising, and branding materials, including brochures, direct mail packages, newspaper ad, magazine ads, postcards, TV and radio commercials, mail orders, posters, packaging and others.

Today, with the explosion of online marketing and information, the need for copywriting has increased tremendously. Because businesses need good copies that are effective and can stand out from the big sea of online content.

Some of the copywriting examples in advertising, marketing and branding materials include the following, but not limited to:

  • Product sales page or landing page
  • Product or service advertisement on Google, Facebook, or other social media platforms
  • Advertisement and articles of print or online magazines
  • Brochures for trade shows and events
  • Product videos or corporate videos
  • Email newsletters
  • Product description or specification
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Sales email or direct mail

Copywriting That Works for You

Ready to capture more attention on the products or services you offer? Talk to Word Philocaly now. Our professional copywriter will offer you expert tips on how to bring your business to a whole new level with effective content.

In our next articles, we will talk about “What Is SEO Copywriting?” and “Copywriting vs Content Writing”. Stay tuned!


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