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Part 1: Typical pitfalls of your website 

Your website doesn’t bring in customers? You must be thinking that you have done everything right: you have a website on the Internet where you can clearly present yourself and your business portfolios, explain exactly which methodology you use and which experiences you have to be qualified for your expertise or profession. In this three-part series, you will learn 16 reasons why and how you can improve your website so that you generate more inquiries and attract customers. In Part 1, Word Philocaly will explain nine typical pitfalls on your website.

Reason 1: Your Potential Customers Don’t Know Your Existence

This is one of the most serious pitfalls because your customers won’t even find their way to your website. The reason behind this is that your website does not appear in the search results in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Let’s face it — if your business is not listed on Google, it virtually does not exist.

(This may not be the case if you gain your customers over word-of-mouth recommendations. But do you want to rely solely on them?)

The reason your potential customers can’t find your website on major search engines: your website doesn’t include the words or phrases (we call them ‘keywords’ in general), which your target audience uses to find solutions for their problems. And so you are EXCLUDED from the search radar of your potential customers. That also means: the regular flow of your visitors dries up quickly — so you don’t generate any inquiries.

Reason 2: Your Potential Customers Only Know What They Want to Know

Your website visitors may not know you are the right fit for them. Because they don’t have a clear idea of what you’re offering. The possible cause: you only list the names of your products and services, but you do not explain what solutions you give them to help them solve their problems.

Something that may seem easy to understand for you doesn’t mean it is simple to grasp for your customers. Your website visitors are not experts in your field. So, how would they know what are the solutions if you don’t put in the effort to explain to them? Make the life of your target customers easier, not harder.

Imagine you are a coach providing systematic project coaching to organizations. A manager of Company X has just been assigned as the team leader of a new project. He wants to boost and strengthen team spirit. And he also wants to ensure that your members identify with the goal of the project, be motivated to work towards the project’s success.

So, what would he do to find a solution on the web? Perhaps he would type in individual terms such as “strengthening project team solution” into the search field. But your business is totally lost in the sea of the World Wide Web because the manager can’t find you when you only use ‘business coach’ on your website without further explanation.

Reason 3: Your Website Copywriting Does Not Sell

Your website content is written in such a complicated way that your visitors get stuck. They just read the entire page on the fly and at some point, they have no more desire to continue.

This is shocking but true: website visitors only read a maximum of 20 percent of your page. 20 percent! That’s just one-fifth of your entire text. Website content is scanned by human eyes. Similar to an F-shape, the eyes scan the first sentences and then followed by the beginning of the paragraphs or lines. Visitors’ eyes are always in search of relevant keywords.

If your texts are full of technical terms (see reason 2) or are adorned with long-winded sentences — then it will be difficult to skim through them. As a result, people on the web won’t go to great lengths to read your texts in detail.

Then only one thing would happen: they will quit your page and continue searching for the right one.

In addition, complicated texts are not helpful at all. You don’t need to write complex material to showcase your expertise, because you will turn your audience away as soon as they can’t understand your texts well.

You’re unsure of the level of readability of your text, then how?

There are two easy ways you can apply to know the ease of reading of your content:

  • Can you explain to a child what you’re writing?
  • Check the Flesch index of your writing. It should be around 60

Are you breaking a sweat trying to explain the concept of your writing to your kids? Or do Flesch index that’s around 25? Then, you have a problem here. This is the time you need to get help from someone who gets to the point of what you want to say, no matter how complicated it may be. (By the way, one of our expertise, including website copywriting in Malaysia:))

Reason 4: You Talk about Too Many Things

Imagine you want to have a new website written for your company. When you do an online search, you come across two different offers:

  • Company 1 lists the entire range of services on its website: social media support, web design, graphic design, website copywriting, search engine optimization, photography, web programming, data analytics, and many others
  • Company 2 tells the audience that they are a professional agency of website copywriting in Malaysia

Who would you choose? Who do you think is the expert to write your website?

The answer is clear: most people would choose someone who has their sole focus on website copywriting; rather than others who provide more than five other different services that are not related to writing websites.

So ask yourself a critical question: Is your website a compilation of everything you can do without one focused expertise that is visible to your audience?

freelance content writer

Reason 5: Your Visitors Don’t See How Your Offers can Solve Their Problems

To attract customers to your website, you must clearly list the benefits of the services and products you offer. And please, don’t use technical terms or jargon that your audiences have no clues of.

Even if you think that the benefits are self-explanatory without you listing them out, you still have to write them out. Period. Because most people will not know how they can take the advantages out of your items if you don’t show them.

So every time when you sell on your website, think of one question: how exactly can my offer make my customers’ lives easier?

The following example comes from the list of features of our website copywriting service in Malaysia:

Briefing call: we’ll make sure that we understand your requirements so that our copywriting service will meet your expectations — there will be no unpleasant surprises afterward.

Honestly — how could a layman know what a briefing call is if they’re not familiar with what you offer? It doesn’t make sense for most, if not all, of your audience.

Reason 6: Your Audience Are Skeptical If You’re the Right One

Your visitors want to know who they are dealing with. They want to get an idea of you and your offer — especially when your offer is a service such as coaching and consulting.

Is there a photo or anything personal about you and your team on the About Me page? Or maybe you don’t have one yet?

Then it becomes difficult for visitors to convince themselves that you are the right person they’re looking for. People who are going to buy from you want to learn about you and your business as much as possible. They want to make sure that their decision to give you the money is the right one.

So, show yourself and your team! Give visitors the chance to get to know you — at least let them know that they are dealing with real human beings.

Reason 7: You Have No Call-to-Action

Once your website visitors have decided to buy from you, your job is still not done yet! You need to tell them what they should do next. For example, perhaps they don’t know that you are offering a one-time free consultation or a free trial. So you should tell them the free offers and make it clear to them by writing your call-to-action.

The call-to-action phrase or sentence should be simple and intuitive. You can be creative but still, it needs to be clear and straightforward. For instance, “don’t make me think” and “arrange a free get-together with us now!” are good ones to double your website copywriting conversion rate!

Reason 8: Your Audience Don’t Know How to Contact You

Okay, now you’ve finally told your website visitors what to do next (i.e. getting ready to take their money out of their pockets), is there an easy and convenient way for them to contact you for the purchase or more details? Do you have a linked corresponding page? Or is there a quick call button or a contact form?

This is super important — website users are impatient and do not want to spend a lot of time to think. Remember we told you about only 20% of what you have on your website will be ‘read’ (by that we are saying ‘scanned’) by the readers? This is why your contact link/button or contact form must be readily available right after they have read your product or service information.

Reason 9: Useful Information Is Key

Have you read this far and wonder why your website still don’t win customers even you commit none of the mistakes above on your website?

Simply, your visitors may not yet be ready to buy. The information you provide may not be enough for them to think that your product/service is the solution to their problem.

You need to be clear of this: in this era where there are so many competitors for every product and service, customers have a lot of choices; thus, only 3% of your potential customers who have visited your website would buy from you. Let us repeat: Three!

Here are the solutions to boost the sales success rate: you really need to provide informational content emphasizing your product or service benefits. You may also want to build a relationship with your audience by having them subscribed to your weekly or monthly newsletter. With that, they know that you care about solving their problems and at the same time convince them with the useful information you send them on a regular basis.

One thing to take note though — if you are not a good writer yourself, you need a professional copywriter to help you craft your newsletter. Otherwise, your newsletter will go straight to the trash once your customers have received. Worse, they will unsubscribe from you and do not want to hear from you for good. You may also want try out website copywritng in Malaysia as well.

Seven more reasons why your website doesn’t attract customers — continued in part 2!

In part 2 of the article, you will learn seven more reasons that will result in your website not generating any inquiries or customers. Those reasons are not about the website technical issues, but more to some components you have neglected on your website.

In part 3, we will have a step-by-step guide to remove the stumbling blocks on your website and fix these gaps.

Would you like to read more articles about website copywriting in Malaysia? Check out our articles or shoot us an email for anything about website copywriting in Malaysia!

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