Copywriting Mistakes That Will Kill Your Reputation

Today in the 21st century, almost every company needs to produce great copywriting to engage customers. They are everywhere – websites, social media platforms, press releases, TV commercials, and other content marketing channels – the list is endless.

Therefore, excellent copywriting captivates your clients, engage them and persuades them to take the action and buy from you. However, not every company is good at doing this and risking of destroying their brand reputation. Sometimes customers will come across copy or content that makes them cringe, and sometimes customers will read an article with the most interesting topic but in the end bore them to death due to typos and bad grammars (What are bad grammars? Take a look at the explanation).

Word Philocaly is here to help you get a better understanding of what is necessary to create quality content. In this article, let us introduce these common copywriting pitfalls, so that you will be able to avoid them, and save your business reputation.

1. Copywriting with Bad Headlines

Copywriting with Bad Headlines

Have you ever wondered how advertisements and tabloid magazines catch the audience’s attention? They accomplish this mission by writing headlines that make you want to read more. If the headline is great, it will just stand out of the page and you, as a reader, can’t resist but to read on. So it’s obvious here – you need to get your headlines right!

Depending on your business and industry, generally, the most compelling headlines is to provide a solution to their problem, or ask a question related to the problems that customers are struggling with. Let’s face it – we’re surrounded by thousands, if not millions, of content every day. So make sure your customers don’t just scroll past your content without taking a second look!

2. Copywriting without SEO

Copywriting without SEO

Every experienced copywriter knows that your copy or content not only needs to be engaging, but it also has to be discoverable on the big sea of the World Wide Web.  Therefore, it is vital to have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focused content strategy with keywords. These important keywords should be incorporated into the language used by the readers or target audience.

With that being said, if you have an inexperienced copywriter (or maybe just your internal employee who knows little about copywriting or content writing) who disregards the use of SEO and keywords – you’re actually wasting your time and money for creating online content. Of course, while SEO must not be ignored, you should always provide a valuable copy for your readers.

3. Saving Money for Your Copywriting

Try to think of your favorite brands. Why are you so interested in them but not others? It’s most probably due to their catchy taglines, valuable content and unique perspective. Apparently, these brands do invest in quality professional copywriting services to do the work for them.

Many businesses, especially most SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and startups, have a small budget. For that, they will sometimes cut out copywriting services in order to save money. Worse, they will hire a really cheap one.  While this may sound like a perfect idea – it can be detrimental to your business reputation. Everyone can write, but not everyone can be a good copywriter (quote stolen from our own site!).

Please, don’t lose out on potential business just because you want to save “some money”.  That will be truly unfortunate.

4. Only Talking about Features, Not Benefits

A lot of companies don’t pay enough attention to the benefits of the products and services they offer. It is pretty common that many brands fall into the trap of features = benefits. While features can be confused for benefits, they are not the same.

Features are what a product can and do, and benefits are what a product can do for customers. Here’s an example – For example, people don’t buy a fast-cooker to have a fast-cooker. They buy a fast-cooker because they need to cook for the family in less than 30 minutes. You see, that’s the benefit we’re talking about.

So, our advice is to focus less on the product description and features. Focus more on the right benefits and value – and stick to the most important ones; don’t just list all 100 benefits that will confuse your customers, and your content will also look unreal.

Always ask yourself – How can your product make customer’s life better and easier? You can also gain some unexpected benefits out of your products or services by interacting with your existing customers.

5. No Proofreading Is Done

Proofreading is important

We can’t emphasize enough that content marketing is crucial to entice and sustain your customers – especially the quality content. One of the biggest mistakes that many brands still make is that they delegate their copywriting tasks to their employees with no copywriting knowledge.

The most experienced copywriter can commit a typo, let alone the non-experienced ones. If this isn’t bad enough, failure to proofread your content before showing it to the public can be catastrophic to your business. Don’t believe us? Think of the time when you see typos on the content of your favorite brands, what kind of impression would you have? Unprofessional.

At Word Philocaly, after our copywriter has crafted your content, our experienced proofreaders will then review the content multiple times. This is to make sure that your content looks and sounds useful and professional.

6. Your Content Is Shallow

Many businesses suffer little engagement and mediocre sales due to insufficient research before writing their copy. This will result in shallow content that does not give readers the information they need to make a buying decision.

Simply said, this kind of content has no value.

It fails to give the audience the in-depth knowledge they need; it also solves nothing for the target audience. It comes naturally for a good copywriter to make each of your copy valuable and useful. A dedicated copywriter also put a lot of time and effort into research before they even put a word down.

Need some ideas? Here are some of the content marketing and copywriting quotes that will spark your creativity and motivation!

7. Lacking Call-to-Action

Call to action to improve conversion

This is a huge mistake to make in copywriting. What is the point of putting in so much effort and crafting a valuable piece and in the end your readers don’t really know what to do next?  If your audience has no clue of what to do next – we’re sorry to say this –you’ve completely failed at the point of your content marketing. That’s why you need a call-to-action to guide them!

Call-to-action isn’t just there in the copy for no reason. You usually write it at the end of your copy or website. This is to guide your audience and get them to complete the desired action. Writing a call-to action takes skill too because you don’t want to sound annoying and are all for your customer’s money.

To put it simply, you want your call-to-action to be well-written and easily understood by customers to complete the action. Always remember: the more straightforward and sincere your call-to-action is, the more likely your readers are willing to click through.

How Word Philocaly Can Help

As a business owner, you may be thinking now, “Oh my god, I have committed more than two of these mistakes!”

If that’s the case, don’t worry. We all make mistakes, don’t we?

The fact that you’ve already read this article means that you know it’s time to get rid of these mistakes once and for all. Of course, this takes time by opting for the right solutions.

If you’re ready to make everything right and kill those mistakes but not killing your business reputation, Word Philocaly is always here for you. Contact us now and our team of professional copywriters will make your copy informative, targeted, and relevant – with 100% free proofreading.

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