Business Facebook Page: 6 Things You Should NEVER Post

A business Facebook page can be a great marketing tool to build your brand. Used properly, it can increase engagement, build relationship with your customers, and enhance trust and credibility. While all achieved, the end result is to drive your sales and your company’s bottom. 

While it’s fun to post and share anything you see on your personal account, it’s totally different when it comes to your business Facebook page. You have to be more careful and strategic. This is because you don’t want to waste the time you spend on Facebook; or risk of getting your Facebook page shut down and heading for trouble.

There are things you need to avoid in order not to piss off the public. So here are the 6 things you should NEVER, EVER put on your business Facebook page – we have just warned you.

1. No Rants or Negative Comments

1. No Rants or Negative Comments

We know it’s so easy to vent your negative opinions of your bad customers or competitors on your Facebook page. And here’s the undeniable truth that you will also scare off your existing and potential customers.

Feeling negative for a bad business day is fine but please don’t tell it to Facebook. Firstly, it won’t help anyone; and secondly, it only shows that you’re unprofessional. You will create an unfavorable business image which is a total distraction of customers from your business.

Complain to someone you trust such as your close friends and family. Keep those vents off your Facebook page as well as other social media platforms. Keep your business dignified, keep it classy.

2. No Religion and Politics

Trust us, religion and politics are one of those things you just don’t want to do in public, especially under your business name.  It’s a surefire way to immediately alienate your customer base faster than you can imagine. You should never mix business, religion and politics together.

Even if you’re sure that each and every of your customer shares the same political and religious views (which is almost impossible), this is a big no-no. People with different views can still do business with each other, just don’t bring the discussion into your business.

3. No 24/7 Sales Pitch

No 24/7 Sales Pitch

You don’t want your customers to feel that you’re pushy. They want to feel that your services or products can actually solve their problems, and you’re trying your best to help them out. If all your posts on your business Facebook page are more of a monologue with pushy sales pitches, you will lose your followers sooner or later. 

You need to post a variety of information that will help them out and have a real conversation with your audience and customers. Be in your audiences’ shoes and think about what they’d like to see when they visit your page. Therefore, sharing diverse and informative posts relevant to your business, with light-hearted posts once in a while, will help you business go a long way.

Share news about big thinkers and industry leaders; ask questions; share tips; and truly help people! You’ll get more engagement and of course, your business will soar. For example, if you’re in the technology sector, you can share news about new innovations from well-known entrepreneur and investor Elon Musk like this article; or anything that’s related from tech website such as TechCrunch.

4. No Poor Content and Bad Grammar

No Poor Content and Bad Grammar

Facebook and other social media platforms have definitely changed the way people communicate and interact. Inappropriate grammar, badly structured content, wrong punctuation, and misspelt words can be seen regularly on many business Facebook pages. With grammar rules thrown out of the window, you can be sure that you are chasing your potential clients away.

These bad content and grammar blunders will not only mislead your readers, but it will also make you look extremely unprofessional. Therefore, if you don’t have the language mastery, time or manpower to do the writing and proofreading for you, make sure you outsource your content writing and proofreading to a professional copywriting service. Otherwise, rest assured that your products won’t be selling as you would have expected.

Think about this: how can your potential clients trust you when you can’t even craft your own Facebook content properly?

5. No Bad Quality Photos

Let’s face it – the invention of social media has made consumers become more visual than ever. Along with carefully crafted content, photos are at the heart of your business Facebook post to catch your customer’s attention. So it’s a no-brainer that you should post high quality and high-resolution images to stand out among your competitors. Take the extra time to make your photos look good in the feed – you will thank us for this tip.

6. No Misleading or False Information

No Misleading or False Information

Businesses can get really competitive nowadays. As a result, some companies may resort to posting exaggerated or misleading information. And thanks to President Donald Trump, we also call this kind of false information as fake news.

As a trustworthy business, you can’t afford to post unverified information on your business Facebook page. Although fake news might attract people at the beginning, the effect will wear out very soon. Worse, it can have a negative effect on your business long term. For instances, loss of followers, a decrease of sales and revenues, as well as adverse brand reputation.

As always, honest and quality content is the best policy. In other words, there’s no need for exaggeration if your content is carefully crafted by a qualified content writer or copywriter.

Voila! There you have it. You can cut out a lot of drama on your business Facebook page by following these. Besides, your fan base will grow rapidly if you treat the content of your Facebook posts seriously. Word Philocaly wants to see your business succeed by leveraging Facebook for your marketing efforts!

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