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7 Copywriting Tips for Your Home Page

After the success of the post “Company Profile or Personal Profile at LinkedIn: Which Is Better?”, today we are going to write an article to give you copywriting tips for your “about me” or “about us” page.

What does your “about us” have to do with your ideal clients?

Your ideal client is the epicenter of your website. You know what interests them and above all, you know that they enter your website with a very short attention span.

Therefore, if you want them to stay longer and know what your business is all about, you will need to provide information that makes them feel interested, and believe that what they are reading is from a trusted company. They need to know that you are a real company with humans made of flesh and blood.

When customers visit your home page, they will definitely ask themselves this one question in their head over and over again:

What can this brand do for me — to improve the X factor in my life?

They come to your website right now with these three things they want to see:

  • You have the coolest team on the planet
  • You offer the best products or services in the market that can solve their problems
  • The quality of your products and services is perfect because you say so

What your clients want to know is that if your team, your products/services or your brand can improve some aspects of their life. They are worried about themselves and those people around them.

Therefore, you need to put out information that is effective in telling your clients that you will add values to their life or the people they love with your products or services.

These powerful content that you need to focus on and writing about are:

  • The problems that your company solves
  • The benefits offered by your products and / or services
  • To what extent you could help them with your solutions
  • Things that you know that will interest your ideal clients because they usually find themselves in similar situations
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Copywriting Tips for a Better Website

There is no magic formula or an absolute model that all businesses can follow. However, there are some tips that you can use to review your page and make it better. If you haven’t already had a website yet, the following tips can help you to craft your website content in a compelling way too.

Word Philocaly summarizes the following tips based on the common mistakes our clients share with us. Thus, we’d emphasize them in this article.

1. Don’t hide your “about us” under an irrelevant name/title

First of all, clients commit this mistake very frequently. You may feel like using an acronym that means something to you but has nothing to do with your business for your “about us” page. Imagine a website menu that says: Home — Services — SLL — KCL — Contact. Your audience has just turned away from your website faster than you would think.

Readers have a short attention span and they don’t have time to decipher what you mean by your acronyms. They certainly don’t have time to find your “about us” or “about me” page hidden behind those acronyms. This is not creativity, but a total disaster. Listen to us and just don’t mess with your “about” page title.

2. Don’t confuse “about me” with “about us”

We see this very often especially with businesses which have just started with one or two people in charge, they’d probably use “about us” instead of “about me”. This is totally understandable because they want their business to look bigger than it is.

There is nothing wrong with telling people who is/are actually behind the company and how many members there are. Sometimes, using “about me” is as effective as “about us”.

3. Be direct, fun and personal to spark your audience’s emotions

The emotional factor plays an important role here when it comes to writing for your website. When a website presents its solutions in a fun and conversational way, you’ll tend to think that the company actually understands your needs better. Doesn’t it happen to you? As if the company is talking to you directly on a personal level.

Thus, without fail, cold and formal tone of voice is no better than the colloquial use of language. Bombastic words don’t convince either. Write as you speak in real life with another person.

4. A picture of you or your team helps

There is nothing to hide if you’re professional. Putting a picture of you or the whole team creates a sense of closeness between your company and your clients.

Get ready your best smile for your photograph and show off your team, business, and brand.

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5. If you have a story to tell, do it!

Behind every business, there is a fascinating story to tell. When done properly, these stories connect with readers and your products or services sell for themselves. With these stories, sometimes your readers won’t even realize they are being sold to. Instead, they want to buy from you because they have to touch the deepest part of their emotions.

6. Do not hide or eliminate this important “about us” page

We see this mistake a lot in many online retail stores. It is very difficult to find the page that it introduces the company. It can be really frustrating when you want to find out more about the business and your search for this particular page is in vain and leaves you in anger and disappointment.

Angry customers mean no sales. You get it. So how about making an “about us” page for an online marketplace or online retailer?

7. Avoid using out-of-date words

Finally, if you have doubts with some words of their accuracy or current usage, do some research or even get rid of them. Find better ones and replace them. Besides, you need to be aware of words that have more than one meaning.

Copywriting Tips: How to Write “About Us”

  • You can start by talking about what your company does, your value proposition and the message you would like your target clients to know
  • Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Answer the questions that your clients would probably ask when they arrive at your website
  • Include testimonials or company logos from your clients
  • Interesting facts about your company and products/services
  • You company values
  • Use titles, subtitles, and bullets to craft your page
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Copywriting Tips: How to Write “About Us

Copywriting Tips: The Bottom Line

Above all, the writing of an “about me” or “about us” page does not have a magic formula. Do not try to fit your “about us” into a specific pattern or copy your competitors because you’ll soon lose your edge by doing what everyone else is doing. Be transparent and do something different if you feel like it. And above all, don’t overdo it.

Once again, we want to let you know that if “about me” or “about us” page is written interestingly with a focus on your client, chances of alluring your audience and making them become your customers will rise by another 70%.

We hope you gain a lot from the copywritng tips we have put out for you! Don’t just sit and do nothing. Talk to Word Philocaly now if you need help to write an “about us” or “about me” page for your website.

You can find us literally everywhere for more copywriting tips!
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