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Finding a good English translator to translate other languages of your business documents to English or vice versa is not one of the easiest tasks. In addition to taking care of your projects in the source language, as well as many other tasks of managing your business, it is necessary to outsource your business translation work to a professional translator.

However, here’s the problem: if an English translator doesn’t do an excellent job, you may not be able to communicate effectively with your international audience. That’s just throwing money out the window.

Of course, we know that most people who seek document translation don’t understand or speak the target language fluently; prohibiting them to know if a hired translator does an impeccable job.

The good news is, now you don’t have to take all these risks anymore. You have every right — and deserve — to have your personal or business documents to be translated remarkably and without errors.

In this post, you will learn to deal with the business translation challenges you’re currently encountering in order to successfully expand your business far and beyond your home country. Let’s move on to the rest of the article.

What to Consider When You Hire a Translator

When looking for an accurate and reliable English translation for your source language, you should look into the following aspects:

1. Google Translator does not solve your problem.

First and foremost, we must make it clear that if your intention is only to have an idea of how your text would look in another language, you can use the Google Translator if you wish.

However, if your intention is to have a reliable, error-free translation that can deliver accurate results and present the formal nature of your work, such as website, contract, academic paper, book or other official documents, a professional translator is for you.

Despite notable advances in Google’s algorithms, there are still countless translation nuances that can’t be done by machine translations.

In addition, many of the improvements and corrections found in automated translations are largely from the contributions of common users — real humans.

In this sense, business translations among languages have much to be perfected. Automatic translations aggravate translation problems when trying to translate languages into unusual combinations, such as between English and Chinese, English and Vietnamese, and Spanish and Swedish.

In cases in which particular languages are not commonly spoken around the world, there are very few users who are able to contribute to the improvement of machine translation.

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So what do you have to do when you need to translate advertising materials for your business? It’s pretty straightforward. We must translate the text by adapting the message to the target audience of the destination country so that they can understand it entirely.

This process, called transcreation, or localization, requires translators, in addition to their excellent translation skills, to have a strong dose of experience, creativity, international exposure, and knowledge.

Machine translation still has a lot of work to do in order to reach this stage like a human, but we expect that it may never happen.

2. The translator must be a native speaker of the target language.

Never entrust your business translation to someone who is barely a native speaker of the target language, or whose official language is not the target language in their own country.

Unfortunately, it is relatively common to encounter this kind of unfavorable situation in the world of translation.

Having the target language as the translator’s mother tongue or national language is a minimum requirement of all robust business translation projects.

Here is the example: even if a British has learned advanced Chinese for many years, this British translator will only be able to translate documents from Chinese to English, never the other way around.

3. Look for a translator who is familiar with the subject of your document.

Imagine that you are an American doctor and someone asks you to review a document in Chinese that deals with advanced accounting or microeconomics.

It is very likely that you lose some hours or nights investigating the meaning of several terms, or you may seek helps you’re your economist or accountants friends.

Now imagine, not only that you have to do research on the particular subject, but you will also have to translate the document into another language.

Does it sound risky for you to entrust the translation of a document dealing with high-tech renewable energy to a translator specialized in humanitarian law?

Therefore, our advice is you conduct a review of the project portfolio of the translator you wish to hire. The idea is to identify if the translator has translation experience in certain topics.

4. Seek a translator who communicates clearly.

Some clients tend to believe that only the quality of final translation work is all that matters, but excellent results depend on some very vital previous processes.

One of the prior processes is clear communication with the translator.

Before the translator commences their work, it is essential that one defines the purpose of the translation, as well as the term, payment details, the most appropriate terminology (according to your niche) and, above all, the final result that you expect from the translation service.

An outstanding result is expected if you have a fluid communication between you and the translator.

You must learn how to sense anything fishy and avoid translators who have no interest in making your translated project succeed.

There is a big difference between a translator who simply provides you with a business translation service and one who is dedicated and wants to see your project succeed. A committed translator can have a lasting effect on your projects.

5. Do not limit yourself to nearby translators.

It is certainly more comfortable and tempting to look for a translator in your area. However, current technologies greatly expanded the possibilities of hiring independent professionals worldwide and Word Philocaly is one of them.

Many of these translators have overcome the local barrier and provide their services to cities and countries across the world.

You can have the advantage of having a much larger pool of qualified translators, which allows you to optimize the costs of your project. Before closing a deal with “a friend of a friend”, do not forget to undertake a broader search for highly qualified translators in Malaysia and abroad.

6. Choose professional translators with more than 5 years of experience.

In the world of translations, experience and solid skills are often valued more than translation certifications. It is true that many independent translators do not work exclusively as translators, for several reasons: unstable income, time constraints, and multiple self-interests, among many others.

Professional translators are those who dedicate themselves to this task in a more systematic way. They generally work exclusively and professional in the translation field for at least 5 years.

Furthermore, it’s a big plus if the translator has several other professional experiences outside the field of translation, and has acquired a solid academic and market training.

Look for a translator with at least 5 years of exclusive experience as a professional translator. Check out their relevant experiences in non-translation sectors as well.

7. Find a responsive translator.

Although there are projects that require urgency, the speed that a translator can deliver your work is not necessarily the most critical aspect of a perfect result.

In other words, it is more reasonable to come up with a more comfortable and flexible delivery time for both parties, instead of requiring the translator to finish the project in a very short time — this would leave them extremely exhausted and more likely to make mistakes.

A translation full of errors is not what you want. You want a perfect translation.

Therefore, learn to negotiate a deadline that allows the translator to provide you with a perfectly revised translation.

What you should look for is a responsive translator, who is quick to get back to your inquiries and questions. The sooner a translator can respond to your concerns, the more he/she takes your project seriously and feels like part of your team, even if he/she is working remotely.

8. Don’t just consider the price.

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None of the points raised above could be fully applied if the price of a translation service is more than what a client is willing to pay.

Professional translators often set rates based on the rarity of the language pair, years of their translation experience, their project portfolio, and others. Oftentimes, a translator with greater experience and is able to translate uncommon languages, tend to set their price at the higher end of the quote.

Being able to deliver an excellent job is key to any successful project. With that being said, clients shouldn’t use price as the most important criterion when it comes to choosing the translation service.

How to obtain impeccably translated documents at an affordable price?

It doesn’t matter if your company is small, medium or large. There will always be ways to innovate and explore new markets.

The expansion of your business operations can be carried out via traditional marketing, digital marketing, international insertion strategies or, more recently, via exponential growth marketing.

In general, companies look for translations for two reasons: to expand their services to other countries (for example, through the translation of their company websites) or to maintain their existing international operations.

In both cases, it is essential to have marketing materials and complex legal, technical and financial documents translated quickly at an affordable price and without errors.

The secret that many companies bring their operations to the international stage is to collaborate with professional translation agencies to translate all their commercial and official documents. This is because professional translators such as Word Philocaly has a high capacity to meet strong demands without losing the quality of the documents. Besides, we offer discounts for a large volume of translated documents.

In a world of collaborative economies, decentralization, and globalization, translation services are so much affordable for individuals, startups and small businesses.

Word Philocaly as Your Professional Translator in Malaysia

If you have reached this point in the article, it means that you are now a well-informed reader who wants your business or project to gain publicity and reach new audiences.

At Word Philocaly, we not only dream of a world where international trade and expansion are easy and affordable — we actually make it happen! Through accurate translations in more than 150 languages, we break down the language barriers between you and your target audience, so that your business can achieve its highest potential all over the world.

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We know how difficult it can be to translate languages when you need it the most. That’s why we are here — to give you global competitiveness and maximum business aptitude. With that, your business can thrive and succeed locally and internationally.

It is as if we are the translation department of your own company, with one exception: you don’t have to worry about hiring employees or finding excellent professional translators for your projects anymore.

You only pay for what we have done for you based on each project, without recurring or monthly fees.

We are passionate to help you expand your business to other countries. Get started now — contact us or call us at +6 010 8188 732. We are also available at the following platforms:

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