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Due to the rapid globalization, digitalization and economic growth, the increasing interaction among people across the world have become commonplace. This is even more obvious in 2020. Therefore, this global transformation has made translation service and language solutions highly sought after.

While translation service and language solutions can benefit numerous fields and industries, below are the 3 main industries that can gain the most benefits out of professional translation services.

1. E-commerce (Front-end and Back-end Translations)

Website translation service with many language options is already widely used in e-commerce. More and more players in the industry are now using big data for personalized customer experience. Personalized customer experience means more happy customers which will lead to increased sales in the long term. And that also means that all aspects of a website have to be translated. Especially when your target audiences are international.

Without the translation of your website, both front-end, and back-end, you won’t be able to do achieve personalization for your e-commerce platforms. You’re wasting your big data.

However, if you use a translation service with the localization of your website for readers from all over the world, you can achieve customer loyalty. Translations can be applied on user reviews, service content, marketing information, delivery and payment options, and refund/exchange policies.

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2. Medicine (Translations in Recruitment and Qualifications)

The statistics speak for itself when it comes to translations in the medical fields. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 17% more interpreters and translators across the globe will be hired between 2016 and 2026 — particularly in the field of medicine.

Translation service and other language services are the fastest-growing professions in almost every country. This is due to the globalization and increasing immigration of non-English speakers to countries where English is widely spoken. The multinational business environment has expanded the job markets. According to the statistics, employees with professional certifications and qualifications in English have far better chances of being hired by international companies.

3. Manufacturing (Technical Translations)

As a global manufacturer, you need documents in different languages; ​​so that your global branches, partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders can understand you. For example, a US company based in Malaysia may employ Malay workers who don’t speak English; while its German subsidiary may employ more people from Eastern Europe who speak diverse European languages.

The spiking needs for translation service and language solutions for multilingual documents have become undeniably vital: on standard operating procedeures, occupational safety and work basics, and other internal processes. This trend shows no sign of stopping and will keep going beyond 2026.

According to a survey published by the British Financial Times, factories and manufacturers around the world were “as busy as they have been in decades” over the past few years. In terms of economy and production, there has been a global upswing stimulated by bustling trade activities around the world. As company recruitment has increasingly become more international, it has to be accompanied by more extensive translation service and language solutions from employers.

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