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Entrepreneurs and business owners often face the challenge of creating a business plan in a variety of situations. Be it a business plan for startup, for bank financing or loans, for investors, or for any other business negotiations and tenders.

The challenge is to present your own business model in a sound, fully comprehensible and professional way. There is a lot of requirements that are essential for a successful business plan for startup. The business plan is ultimately a structured proposal for the realization of a business idea and the justification of plausible sales.

As a result, a simple search online you can see numerous sample business plan templates, tips, and tricks, and business plan writers to help you create a business plan. However, should you create a business plan on your own or hire someone professional to do the job? In the following section in this article, we would like to point out the most important cornerstones of creating a business plan. We’ll help you gain some insights if writing the business plan yourself makes sense or getting assistance from a professional writer is more desirable.

Creating a Business Plan for Startup Yourself

A business plan not only lays out the structure and all processes of the company with important figures, facts, and strategies, it also provides entrepreneurs, readers, and investors a sharpened and critical view on the enterprise. In this respect, it is always advisable to create a business plan for a startup; otherwise, entrepreneurs and investors may have expectations of the business that are either too optimistic or unrealistic. The detailed development of a business plan often sheds light on the project that entrepreneurs venture into.

To get an overview of what to write in a business plan, there are numerous templates available online. However, these templates should not always be adopted uncritically. On one hand, the required content for a business plan can vary greatly depending on the project. On the other hand, the sample templates that are found online do cover the usual: basic layout, formulation, and design that can give you an idea of how a business plan shall look like.

Even so, some parts of a business plan are not recommended to do it on your own if you don’t have the expertise to do so. These parts are financial projections such as operating and sales, profitability, capital, and other financial requirements. For people without a business background, this is often an obstacle that not every entrepreneur can overcome.

Who can Help to Write a Business Plan for a Startup?

Now that it has become clear that there are definitely pros to create the whole business plan yourself: low costs and you have full control over how you want your business plan to be. However, when writing a business plan is beyond your ability and the cons weigh more than pros — it’s important to extend the assistance to professional support.

The greatest advantages of hiring an experienced consultant for your startup business plan are obvious:

  • As a founder, you get to access to years of professional skills, sound advice and concrete support throughout the process of creating your customized business plan
  • Unlike the online template, you are able to include all required contents for your unique project
  • You have an expert business plan created and designed by professionals to showcase and stand out from your competitors

When the time-consuming and sometimes nerve-racking design and writing of a business plan are given into professional hands, you can ensure a contentwise and high-quality delivery. Nevertheless, since the personalized business plan is always based on specific details of your company, you must also be able to discuss it in detail with your consultants. A big added value for hiring business plan writers lies in the fact that these experienced specialists will be able to respond to your corresponding inquiries right away. In the end, a finely-crafted and high-quality business plan is all you will get.


Creating a business plan for startup on your own does offer advantages, only when you are able to weigh between costs and benefits. In order to make an informed decision, you need to know: the context of your business plan, the requirements, your preferences, and of course your professional knowledge regarding fields.

Just to be on the safe side, it may be best to seek expert advice or professional help to create your business plan. A serious consultant knows from experience that what should be in a business plan and how the business should be crafted.

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