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Why Doesn’t My Business Appear on Google Maps?

Beyond just submitting your company listing to Google, nowadays, our customers ask, “Why doesn’t my business appear on Google Maps? Google Maps for business listings has become one of the most important today for all that it contributes – both in terms of organic positioning and all the information and visibility it offers about companies.

Google Maps has a direct connection with SEO positioning. When searching Google for an establishment, you will see information such as the location, contact details, opening hours, reviews, images, and other relevant company information. 

More than Just a Navigation Map

When clicking on the information, you can even access the directions. Then, Google Maps will help you navigate and guide you on how to get there. Not only that, you’re opening doors to increased website visits, phone calls, new customers acquisitions, existing customers retention, etc.

Therefore, being up to date in this regard is critical. And appearing on Google Maps is one of the main objectives your business should achieve – regardless of what type of business you are in. 

So, to answer your question of “Why doesn’t my business appear on Google Maps?” Let’s move on to the below explanations we list out for you. 

1. Did you add your business on Google Maps and correctly verify your business address?

The first thing you need to do to have your business showing up in Google Maps is to add your business to Google My Business. It is where you put in all the information that should appear on Google Maps. It is common to find that your business already exists. However, you have to claim your business to manage it properly.

One of the most important steps here is to verify your business address. Otherwise, your business won’t be visible on Google Maps. Once you have added and claimed your business, Google will send you a verification code (usually via mail to your business address). 

Upon receiving the verification code by mail, you will need to enter it to verify your company in Google My Business. After the verification, Google will allow you to key in other company information so they can appear on the search results. 

2. Does the business panel comply with Google My Business policies?

Maybe your business panel appeared correctly on Google, and then it suddenly stopped appearing. It is vital to ensure that Google doesn’t remove or disable your business knowledge panel in such an event. Most of the time, the root cause is that you violate Google My Business policies.

You can verify if this is the case by checking the status in your Google My Business account. If the status appears to be “Suspended,” it means that you have broken the “Google Law” in some way. 

3. Have you made changes to your Google My Business details recently?

If you have recently changed or added information to your Google Maps, it may take a few days for Google to reflect the changes. Sometimes, Google will stop showing the business results on Google Maps until they have correctly updated the information in their system.

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Keep in mind that the most popular businesses are the most visible; sometimes, Google decides not to show a pin of a less popular business on the map.

4. Are there other reasons why doesn’t my business appear in Google Maps?

a. When your business pin does not show up on the map: 

In some cases, you need to zoom in for a business pin to appear on Google Maps. 

Keep in mind that the most popular businesses are the most visible; sometimes, Google decides not to show a pin of a less popular business on the map. However, if a user searches for your business, the pin will indeed appear. This method works out the same way in Google My Business too.

b. Where is the user located? 

When a user searches on the Internet, Google shows them the pins of those closest to their location.

c. Does your business have multiple locations? 

If this is the case, then Google will show the most popular and relevant location.

d. In the event of a technical problem: 

While this reason is not common, a pin not showing up in Google Maps can also be due to Google’s technical issues. Don’t fret, though, as Google has an expert team that resolves the problems almost immediately.

How Word Philocaly can Assist You

At Word Philocaly,  we see every day how Google Maps becomes relevant as a platform to improve local SEO. Enhanced local SEO can attract visits to your website and get new calls to your business. Other significant impacts that your listing on Google Maps and Google My Business include your business credibility and visibility. 

Keeping your business on Google Maps verified and updated is critical to improving your brand positioning. With that, users can have quick access to all the business and brand information.  So does your business tab appear on Google Maps? Let us know what issues you have encountered regarding your business listing on Google Maps, Bing, or Apple Maps. Our experienced team at Word Philocaly will be glad to guide you through.

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