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Facebook Copywriting That Will Sell Your Products

Here’s why Facebook copywriting is vital for your business: Facebook did over 15 billion dollars in ad sales last year! That is a lot of companies selling a lot of stuff on that platform. So if you want a piece of that pie, stay tuned because we are talking about Facebook ad copy that sells.

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We get the Facebook frustration even setting aside all of the politics, the fighting, the drama, and the privacy issues. Let’s let those go for a minute and focus on business – you are getting shallow engagement and visibility on all of the posts on your business pages. 

Facebook ad prices have gone up significantly in the last few years, and the competition is fiercer than ever. Many of us are posting, and we’re just not seeing many results coming from the posts.

So my friends, if you want to get better results on Facebook, it’s pretty simple. You have to get better at writing Facebook ads. So today, we’re going to split this Facebook copywriting article up into three parts.

  • If you’re selling a physical product, what does that copy look like for your ads?
  • If you’re selling an info product or a service, what will that look like for your ads?
  • Then, we’re going to talk about organic content and how you can use that to increase sales as well.

1. Selling a Physical Product 

First of all, let’s talk about a physical product. For example, you’ve got a swimsuit that you’re selling, or you’ve got some home gadgets and tools. If you’re selling a physical product, here are some things that you want to make sure you’re doing with your ad copy.

a. Price transparency: 

People don’t want to have to click in and see how much it is. They want to see what that price is right on the ad itself.

b. Simple language for Facebook copywriting:

Your ads copy has to be concise to the point. 

c. An image that matches the ad: 

If you’re selling a product, they want to see a pro; a picture of it; an example of it; someone using it; they want it actually to match the ad – no cute puppies when you’re selling sweaters. 

d. Powerful call to action:

And if you need some tips on learning how to write better calls to action, stay tuned for our next article on copywriting for businesses.

e. Make sure that you’re only offering one thing within your ad:

Create completely different ads for your various target audiences. If you’re going to advertise for women between the ages of 55 and 65 and then another ad for women between 35 and 55, you can use different images. 

For instance, you could use an older woman for one ad and then another image of a younger woman using your product. You could speak specifically to their pain points. You don’t want to create one image and one ad set copy and send it to many people. We want to target precisely as we’re positioning our offer.

2. Selling Info Products or Services with Facebook Copywriting

Now let’s talk about how to market your info product or your service successfully. When it comes to services and info products, long-form content performs well, whether that’s long-form written Facebook copywriting or video. They tend to work well to sell an info product or a service. So, when we’re structuring that content, here’s what that would look like.

We’re going to start with a great hook. Again if you’re not sure how to write a great hook, follow us. Because we will come out with a how-to guide very soon on how to write excellent hooks.

Then we’re going to focus on their pain point, desired outcomes, and objectives in their life that your service or your product can bring them. You will introduce your solution and tell them a bit about how you work with your clients. How can you help them? What is included? But you’re not going to over inform a lot, and you don’t want to make that the whole post. It’s a little section there.

Then you’re going to offer some credibility either through your own experiences and results or even better client testimonials. Now, this format works well in video. But you can also modify it and use this in a written form as well. A video gets in a lot more words and a lot more content than you can in a long-form post.

Stay tuned and keep reading as we will tell you a little bit more about organic content. We will give you even more strategies for your long-form written posts.

how to create an effective facebook ad social media copywriting - word philocaly
We’re going to focus on their pain point, desired outcomes, and objectives in their life that your service or your product can bring them.

Are you getting some good stuff so far? If so, we would love for you to hit the share button and let us know that you love the content we’re producing.

3.  Organic Content when Writing Facebook Ads to Increase Sales

We think you should be having a robust organic content strategy and then proving your sales system. Once you know that your sales system works, that’s when you start focusing on paid advertising.

We’ve seen so far too many people jump into paid ads before they’ve even proven the sales system. So we love organic content because if you can do this well organically and get clients, you know that the ads will work. Your organic is already working, so this is a great place to spend some time and effort. Frank Kern, the world’s famous direct response copywriter, recommends that you create three pillars. It means that there are three different areas that you can create your organic content around.

We think the three-pillar method is a great strategy to use. If you look at Word Philocaly on any platform, you’re going to find that our content always fits into these three categories. 

  • Client acquisition (marketing and sales)
  • Leadership (team building and hiring)
  • Balancing business and family

So you’re not going to see us talking or writing about other things like how to have unique curly hairstyles – even though we are kind of obsessed with curly hair video tutorials. You’re not going to see us making them because it doesn’t fit into our three pillars. So the three-pillar approach will keep you from creating random stuff that people will go: “What is that about?” “That’s not who they are,” “I thought that they were this…”

Following this strategy will keep you on track with planning and what to talk about next. There are four different types of posts that we recommend that you have:

a.  First, we want you to have posts sharing client results or clients engaging with your product or service. 

Your future clients want to see your current clients being happy and satisfied.

b.  The second type of post is a behind-the-brand post 

Such as “this is your life” “this is your story” posts. This type of post will open up the doors to the office, letting your clients get to know the team members and the people that are really behind the brand. People like transparency these days. We like to know the businesses that we’re working with are in alignment with our values. People want to see behind the curtain. So, make an effort to put some of that content out there.

c.  The next type of post is a thought leadership post. 

A leadership post is where you’re showing that you’re an innovator and you’re a big thinker. You are creating the trends, and you’re leading the discussions and the conversations.

d.  The fourth type of post is a sales post. 

The whole purpose of this kind of post is to get them to take action and convert. 

When you mix all of these and focus them within your three pillars, you’re going to have a firm plan for creating organic content. 

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People like transparency these days. We like to know the businesses that we’re working with are in alignment with our values.

Essential Things to Include in Facebook Copywriting

Now let’s talk about the things you need to have inside each of these posts. Every single post should have a hook and should have engaging content. Each post should also have a solid call to action, whether that call to action is to ask people to like or comment; join your Facebook group or email list; download your free things; buy your product or service. Every single post that you do should have a call to action on it.

So let’s wrap this all up and bring it together. Facebook has gotten very competitive, and there’s so much marketing messaging out there. To stand out and capture your client’s attention, you have to imagine your Facebook post do an excellent job. Gone are the days where you can post junk and repurpose other people’s stuff.

To get Facebook to work for you, you’ve got to create organic content that comes from you but is not repurposed. You’ve got to have strong copywriting. You’ve got to have clear calls to action. If you do that, you can acquire clients through Facebook either organically or paid.

Do Your Facebook Copywriting Right with Word Philocaly

If you would like some more help and support on your Facebook content marketing or content copywriting, we invite you to get in touch with us or check out our resources. 

We know we mention professional copywriting services in our articles because expert inputs honestly are such exceptional solutions for your business. You’re going to be able to get clarity around what’s not working in your content marketing strategy, in your copy, and your sales scripting. Word Philocaly has the comprehensive solutions you need for your business’s content, social media, and digital marketing. 

We’ll also give you a step-by-step improvement plan on what you should be doing to create consistent content and Facebook copywriting. All right, our business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for a Facebook copy that converts; we are wrapping it up for now. Thank you so much for reading this article; we would love for you to subscribe and stay plugged in with our website.

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Happy Facebook copywriting, our friends!

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