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You’ve probably heard the terms content marketing and content marketing agency in Malaysia. However, maybe you don’t know what they are or why you should be using them. This article will give you a complete crash course in content marketing: what is it? Why does it work? And how to do it.

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What Is Content Marketing?

Now let’s talk about what content marketing is. Definition of content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material. Online material consists of writing blogs, videos blogs, and social media posts. They do not explicitly promote a brand but are intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

Therefore, content marketing means giving free advice. Now, why would you do that? The fact of the matter is that they’d instead pick up their phone when people have a problem.

However, with content marketing, any answer to any question they have is probably out there already. So what you want to do is be the person giving them the information they’re searching for.

Compelling Content Marketing with Content Marketing Company in Malaysia

Trust us on this. Content marketing can work well for your business on a couple of different levels. Especially when you get the right professional from a reputable content marketing agency in Malaysia. 

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1. It’s All About Keywords

First, it gives you the keyword-rich content that you need to be putting out online – so that your website, blog, social media posts, or YouTube video rises to the surface in search results.

When people search for information online, it gives you your very first touchpoint with a potential new customer. 

2. Building Credibility and Trust

The other thing that content marketing does is it establishes precious trust with those potential new customers. Think of it this way: would you be more inclined to trust someone who’s just selling to you through traditional advertising? Or someone who’s giving you free, sound advice with no expectation of anything in return? 

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – why would I give away free advice?

Let us explain. The kind of advice you could give, such as a blog post or YouTube video, is a tiny minuscule fraction of the expertise that you have. So these pieces of advice are nothing for you to give it away. 

Let us give you an example. 

Say that you worked in PR. You could create a video about “five things a press release needs to have.” Now, if you are a successful PR person, you probably wouldn’t take on a climb. Instead, you have to write one dinky article about what you know professionally about the press release. It would just take a bit of your time. However, if that article or YouTube video you create gets like 10,000 views – that’s 10,000 touch points of new people you otherwise could not have reached! 

And chances are, some of those people will pick up the phone and reach out to you when they require actual PR services. So now that we have convinced you to let us tell you how to do it right.

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How to Create an Effective Content Marketing from Content Marketing Agency in Malaysia


1. Keyword Research

First, you need to do keyword research before creating any new content. For blog posts, you can use tools like MOZ or SEMRush; for YouTube videos, you can use TubeBuddy. We have several articles about SEO copywriting regarding keywords, and we will link to them below. So make sure you check that out after reading this article.

2. Community Building

Next, you need to build a bit of a following. You want to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or YouTube channel; sign up for your email list; connect with you on LinkedIn; follow you on Facebook or Instagram. 

However, you want to keep reaching them so you can make them part of your funnel. So once you’ve created your content, how do you leverage it to make money?

You first need to decide what your endgame is. So if you want to drive people to your day job, have them hire you, and become your customers – you might want to give them a quick but casual reminder. You are reminding them that this is what you do daily, and they can hire you.

Here is a good example.

 “Word Philocaly write company profiles, websites, and business documents for companies. Those are our services, and if you need help with copywriting, translation, SEO, and content marketing reach out to me here at this email below.”

If you want to make money through endorsement deals and sponsorships, you want to focus on building that subscriber base. The more subscribers you have, the more money you can earn. On the other hand, if you’re selling a course, content marketing is a fantastic way to establish yourself as an authority in your field. Content marketing also enables you to connect with people who are already interested in your area of expertise. Plus, you can keep promoting that course.

On a personal note, we can tell you that content marketing has opened so many doors for Word Philocaly. We have got red hot leads for our services and our freelance copywriters and translators. We have also got sponsorship offers. In addition, we got free products and ad revenue generated from our other blogs.

Content marketing is a long game – but the truth is content marketing works amazingly

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Boost Your Content Marketing in Malaysia with Word Philocaly

As a trustworthy content marketing company in Malaysia, our expert copywriters, content writers, and translators are experienced professionals. They are specialized in creating compelling, informative, and entertaining copy. 

We have a comprehensive range of writing services that focus on your unique business needs and different target audience: from company profiles and websites to blog posts, articles, promotional brochures, business proposals, and many others. 

We also offer translation, editing, and proofreading services. Our one-stop service allows you to be more confident with your content, ensuring that your audiences’ communications are error-free, easily readable, and on point. As a result, Word Philocaly will save you both time and money for the long run.  

Want potential customers to find your business online? Your content needs to be fresh, engaging, and relevant. That’s where Word Philocaly comes in! So come and chat with us now.

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