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Hello there to our wonderful Word Philocaly’s family and friends! Here and we are pretty excited to be giving you guys this short tutorial. This guide will be about how to write a great business description that is also SEO-friendly. A company description is different from a company profile. A company profile covers more than just a business decription.

We were talking to one of our clients last week. And he told us that one of the things that it’s coming up is that many businesses need to update their company description, especially on their website. So we want to help you guys write them and also get the biggest bang for your buck.

What we’re going to do is we will walk through a couple of basic steps that you can do, and you want to stick till the end of the article. How do you write a business description then? Without further ado – we know you guys are all busy – we’re going to jump right into it.

Step 1. Know the WHY of Writing a Business Description

We’re going to talk about the WHY. So, why do you want to have a good business description? A good company description can not only help you get the attention of your target audience, but it can also help you improve rank in Google and other search engines.

Where do we start, then? Make it simple. We start by adding five Ws. You all must be pretty familiar with this; the 5Ws are who, what, when where, why, and how. You want to start by fundamentally answering these questions. I bolded the word “why” because we’re going to go into that one a little bit deeper as we go a little further.

Alright, so the formula is you will start by saying “we are” and your company name or brand name. Then, tell them a little about what your company does? Where is your business located? Since what day? The information will give a bit of your brand’s flow and how long you’ve been around. An example of that is our business Word Philocaly. Here we go:

“We are Word Philocaly, and we’ve been serving our community through our copywriting and translation services here in Malaysia since 2011.”

That tells you exactly what we do, and it is obvious. Now there’s a little tip I want to give you guys here. See how I use the word “copywriting and translation services”, that’s our offering, but you want to use a common term that’s recognizable. So that people will be searching for the correct words.

Therefore, whatever services you’re offering, you want to make sure that you use standard terms that most people can understand.

A little tip that you’re going to want to use for this is doing a little shortcut. We would recommend you to just come onto the “About” page of our website and then click on command F if you’re on a Mac or ctrl F if you’re using a Window. Then, start typing in any term that you think our brand would relate to. You get the idea.

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Many different lawyer terms come up just by doing a simple Google Search if you are a lawyer. Therefore, you want to use these terms and explain the service that you’re offering. And make sure that Google recognizes these terms and people are searching for them.

a word WHY shown in neon color on how to write a company description

Step 2. How to Write a Business Description with Values

The next thing is: what does your business stand for? The answer to these questions is where you want to tie into your values for your business. Here we have listed for you guys a number of them you can choose from to build on your profile:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Customer focus
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • People
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment

These are potent terms, and you should be able to resonate with a couple of these from your business. You want to tie the value into what you do. Use these value terms in your company description to let them know a little bit about what your company stands for. Here again, we are using Word Philocaly as an example:

“Word Philocaly believes that together we can unite and empower our diverse communities by maintaining a standard of excellence in business practices and entrepreneurship, as well as by encouraging members to uplift our community through employment and internship opportunities.”

Alright, so again, boom! A compelling statement for your company description. It’s going to captivate the target audience, and this is probably the reason why you guys are in here. Because this stuff kind of resonates with you.

The next thing you want to tell them is how dedicated and committed you are to your business. People love to know business owners that are passionate about what they do. And it’s for sure that you’re going to be passionate about certain things in your business. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have started it. Here’s the opportunity to let the world know about your passion.

You want to tell them you know what drives you, why you are in business today, what your passion is, and your audience can see you try to help them in what you do.

How to Write a Business Description with a Story

Tell a story about why you started your business. In every industry, there is always an “AHA” moment at the beginning that made you decide: “Hey, you know what, I’ve got an idea,” “I’ve got an opportunity here,” or “There’s something they have got to fix right.” Because you probably are not happy with the way things were, or you thought you could do a better job than they were before. That’s why you started a business,

and that’s why you embarked on this change.

Make this be one of your life journeys, so you want to share that with business and let your readers know. It is because that’s going to get them to connect and relate to you. Okay, a great way to start writing that story is by saying: I started this business because of X, and I believed in Y.

You can see how that’s going to be like with this quick company description example. Here we are going to use this well-written story so that you can relate to it. We’ll use the word “I” because this way, you can get personal like you are talking to your readers.

“I started this business because I grew up in an English-speaking household in Malaysia and witnessed my English-speaking family and friends communicate mostly amongst one another. I felt as though there was a disconnect between the English and Chinese-speaking communities in the city, and I believe that there was a better way.”

We’re not going to keep going on with it as the whole story is long. But you can see how we use the “I believe”; you can see an “aha” moment; you can see that something was driving the business owner to start this movement, this opportunity. That’s why you know he started the business to connect people but not using languages as a divider.

writing about us in company profile

Step 3. Include Future Goals in Your Company Description

Moving on, you want to show your future goals. Tell your audiences where you want to bring the brand; where you want to get the company. So they can see the longevity in what you’re doing. Also, it’s going to help them connect if you can tie your goals with your ideal customers’ needs. That’s an excellent way for you to get involved with them, bring them into the company, and make them feel like part of your growth.

We are going to use the previous Word Philocaly’s example again – to guide you on how to write a business description with future goals.

“We aspire to empower the next generation by maintaining a standard of excellence in business practices and entrepreneurship as well as by encouraging our members to uplift our communities through employment and internship opportunities.”

All right, so again, a very, very powerful statement – What the vision is? Where we want to go next? Generate something compelling for your future goals.

Step 4. Call-to-Action Is Crucial in a Business Description

The last thing you want to do when you’re doing your business description is to give a call to action. You want to be specific and tell your audience exactly what action you want your audience to do now. You’re in business, so you want to think about what you want your ideal customer and audience to do after they’ve read that business description. Your business description enables them to tie into your vision, and they can see where you go, and so they’re pumped to act. Therefore, make your call to action very clear.

For example, you can create a call-to-action button in your business description. And with that button, they can contact you through a phone call or send you an email. Make sure you list the button in your business description. Or you can be very, very specific and say, “I invite you to reach out and connect with me if you have any further questions or if you think that I can help you along your journey.”

call to action buttons in neon color in company profile malaysia

Another example is, “I’d like to invite you to connect with us on Facebook personally.” Social media platforms are a great way to break the ice with people who can log onto a profile and get to know a little bit about you or your brand. Then, you and your audience or potential customers can start building the relationship with that selling.

Today it’s all about relationships, and it’s vital to keep that in mind that you don’t want to start selling to people right away. Here is one of the best examples we can address – in selling, many people should advertise is they go on Facebook and promote to all their friends and family. People don’t like you sell them stuff; they like you to offer value to them. Then, you can give them the opportunity and let them decide if they want to invest further.

Examples of Call-to-Action in Your Company Description

A great example is that imagine if you walk over to somebody and ask for directions to find the closest gas station. Then that person replies, “Hey, I’ll tell you where the closest gas station is, but you have got to give me five bucks.” What would you do? We can imagine how fast you try to get out of that situation and move on. You would probably think what kind of crook that first person was, right?

Nonetheless, if that person helped you out and told you the directions of where you wanted to go, then he took this opportunity. And he said, “Oh, by the way, I happen to be a local guy for the city, and I have this package here that I can you for twenty bucks, and it gives you a guide of all the best places in town to go.” Chances are, you’d be a lot more likely to buy that twenty-dollar package because it’s going to show you all the cool things. Besides, this person gave you value without asking you for anything upfront.

Therefore, for all businesses, especially entrepreneurs starting a new business, you need to tell your audience how you can value them in your business descriptions. Don’t always try and look at upfront. Else, how are you going to make money off of your business?

Finally, you want to put it all together in the form of a nice story. So far, you should have all these points that you have probably put into bullet points as you’re going through this tutorial. Now, elaborate on these points and write the content in a nice flow in your business descriptions.

Writing a Business Description with Word Philocaly

That’s the end of this guide. Thank you so much for getting this far. Below this article, there’ll be a comment box that you can tell us what you think about our article; anything you would like us to write in the future. If you still don’t know how to write a business description, there is nothing to ask for help! Word Philocaly can assist you on crafting an effective company description for your website, business proposal, marketing pitch, etc.

The links below take you to our other relevant articles and channels that you can find us! Have a fantastic day, and we look forward to working with you guys soon!

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