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Dare to make yourself known to the international public through the translation of your website. To do this, do not hesitate to use a professional website translation service in Malaysia. You can contact us with this email or this phone number.

Today we will discuss the importance of translating a web page.

Website translation is becoming increasingly important due to globalization. Being present locally and nationally is essential. But to continue growing, you have to open the door to the international market.

So, what’s the best way to get visibility for your website internationally? 

Having a team of professional translators. This is even more critical for companies seeking for website andbusiness translation for the Chinese speaking market. One of the many challenges that companies face when entering the Chinese market is the language barrier.

We spend more time on the internet daily. Therefore, the need to make your content accessible to diverse audiences from different countries has greatly increased. Thus, translating a website is an investment that allows you to open your market and win clients around the world.

Below, Word Philocaly offers you a summary of the 3 most important points that you should take into account for translating your website:

1.    Website Translation in Malaysia Is a Worthy Investment

More and more people realize that website translation is a necessity. However, when it comes to how to translate a website, many still use machine translation. For example, Google Translate or Bing Translator.

Even though most automatic translations online are free and easy to use, it is a highly inadvisable practice. This is because you will run the risk of damaging your company image. Plus, machine translation doesn’t guarantee any quality results.

You may find this article interesting: Human Translator: 4 Reasons that You Need One

You can see some examples of how catastrophic a mistranslation can be in this post. Those example mistranslations were said to be top international marketing fails in the world. Besides, they have caused a great deal of outrage globally.

For this reason, the importance of having a professional translator becomes crystal clear. A professional translator not only has the necessary linguistic competence; but also has the cultural competence to avoid possible cultural errors.

An expert on website translation in Malaysia knows perfectly how to translate a web page. They will deliver results with which you can project a more professional image and gain credibility.

One bonus fact: Google doesn’t even use Google Translate for their business translations, neither should you. 

we translate english to malay

2. Translate Website that Is SEO-optimized

Get the most out of your investment. Translating a web page is not just about taking a few words in English and passing them into Malay, Chinese or other languages. It is a process that you must take cultural factors into account. On top of that, in the case of website translation in Malaysia, it is vitally important to consider your website positioning.

A professional website translator enables you to implement an SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization). It means that a website translator uses keywords to improve your website positioning on the search engine its translated version.

This is a huge advantage. Translating a website using an automatic translator or an unqualified translator will omit the important keywords for ranking. As a result, the visibility of your website and your website traffic will plummet. No website traffic means no new leads and sales.

3. Build Trust with Website Translation in Malaysia

You open new windows to different countries with a professional business translation of your website. How? By offering the content in the language of your prospective customers.

If your website content is adapted to the local linguistic conventions, cultural tone, and format, you will build a strong relationship with your audience. This custom and cultural adaptation allow you to build trust and credibility. At the same time, your business gains a more professional image.

When users find that you have quality translated content to offer, they will spend more time on your web page. The visitor’s stay duration on your website can positively influence your website SEO.

Word Philocaly’s Website Translation in Malaysia

Although it is essential to consider the graphics and design of your website, don’t compromise your website translation. A beautiful website without informational or helpful information means nothing to an audience. However, at Word Philocaly, we can achieve both website translation and design for you. 

We are a translation company in Malaysia with a team of translation professionals of extensive experience in website translation. We also have the necessary language skills in your source languages and target languages.

Regardless of whether you want to translate the website into English, translate a Chinese website, translate English to Malay, translate Malay to Chinese, or translate Malay to Arabic. Our quality controls are always in place to guarantee the optimal results of your website translation.

Aside from website translation in Malaysia, Word Philocaly offers professional translation services in the following areas:

  • Business translation
  • Document translation
  • Resume translation
  • Pharmaceutical translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Scientific Translation
  • Commercial translation
  • Script Translation
  • Software translation
  • Marketing translation

What do you need to translate your website with us? You just have to ask us for a quote through our website in the contact section. From there, we can advise you and offer you our highest quality translation service in Malaysia.

Translate your website, let the world know you.

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