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The “About Us” section on your website or business company profile is not a mere standard procedure; it is one of the most visited or seen sections by your customers and audience. It is a formal presentation of your brand and company — therefore, you have to take care of this segment and give it the importance it deserves by writing an “About Us” that will catch people’s attention.

The “About Us” on your business company profile is key to building trust and now it’s more than just about writing “Our Mission” or “Our Vision”. You gain trust is gained by talking about how your products or services can help your customers, conversationally and professionally.

Here are some of the elements you need to pay attention to when writing an effective “About Us” on your website or business company profile.

1. Don’t be Limited by the “About Us” Title

It is not about showcasing how many products you have sold, but you need to explain why you dedicate yourself to this profession. Go far and beyond to let them know who you are on a personal level within your field of expertise and how you will solve your customer’s problem.

Utilizing some personal anecdotes is extremely effective as your customer thinks that they are seen as individuals. After all, you are still a real person who offers a service or product to another person. Through these personal stories, you can connect better with your audience and clients.

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2. The Magic of Summary

Long texts are heavy to read. The magic formula lies in brevity but still being able to convey what you want to say. Know how to pick the key ideas, spark your reader’s interest, keep their attention, bring them to move along with you to other pages, and finally make a buying decision.

3. Quality Images and Photography

This point seems pretty obvious, but some companies do not make good use of quality photography or images. And there is nothing that will build your reader’s trust and confidence than to put quality company images or your team photographs on the “About Us” page. It will further boost your brand image by including photography that is made by a professional photographer.

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4. “We” vs. “I”

Sometimes, when a company starts out in the form of solopreneur, they tend to tell a little lie and use ‘we’; however, in reality, the company is just made up of one person. Let’s not fall into this trap.

There’s nothing wrong with using the pronoun “I” when you first start out. It doesn’t mean that you have a tremendous ego or you are unprofessional; on the contrary, you’re just being transparent and your customers will appreciate your honesty and see this as highly professional.

Our Parting Note

The “About Us” or “Who We Are” page is one of the most visited sections on your website or business company profile. So let’s put more effort into its writing when you’re crafting this dedicated piece.

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