The Best Copywriter: How to Choose One for Your Project

When choosing a copywriter, there is a huge difference from choosing any other contractors for your project.

Most copywriters on the market just do their job by providing sub-par or copycat content. While only very few can provide an excellent copy. Therefore, if you’re ready to entrust your project to a copywriter, then it takes a little more time to find the right one. For years, this has been something that most companies have been pondering.

Fret not – we will provide you with some insights in this guide on how to choose the best copywriter and avoid the mediocre ones.

Copywriting Process and Outcome Are Both Important

A good copywriter delivers more than just the standard requirements.

Over the years, Word Philocaly has realized that a combination of our attitude, portfolio, and copy effectiveness is the major reason clients stick with us all this while. Essentially, writing highly effective copy to convey the core message that is 100% customer-focused in more about the process than just the mere outcome.

Therefore, as a copywriting service provider for highly effective content and content marketing coach, we put a lot of effort into achieving the balance between the process and the results.

Copywriting Process and Outcome Are Both Important

Traits of a Highly Effective Copywriter

When writing highly effective texts, competent and experienced copywriters pay attention to the following elements:

  • It needs a strong connection and a trusting relationship between a client and a copywriter. The chemistry between both parties has to be just right so that the strategy and the respective texts will work and deliver the desired results.
  • If the chemistry between the copywriter and the client is impeccable, then they also need the same value system and a burning desire to create something great. At this point, we couldn’t emphasize enough how important a good connection is and how much this connection can influence the creative process and result.
  • The ideal connection is further supplemented tremendously by the expertise and the deep understanding of the copywriter. The copywriter needs to understand the client’s pain points that are haunting the client. 
  • Once the pain points are understood, the highly effective copy will unfold its full effect, addressing the issues and coming up with solutions to deal with them.  An experienced copywriter uses his or her magic wand and turns the problems and solutions that reach the heart and mind of the readers. The better the copywriter can deliver an effective copy, the greater the connection between the company and the customer. As a result, the customers are more likely to opt for the respective service or product offerings.
  • All that have been mentioned do not just happen without a solid strategy and consistent structure. Here at Word Philocaly, we adhere to our methodology and ask all relevant questions in order to find the right answers.
  • Balance is key here. Great copy doesn’t just come from the effort of a copywriter; clients shall have a clear decision when it comes to crafting an effective text. Hesitation and procrastination during the process will no way lead to success. It takes a clear decision from the client in order to walk the path together with the copywriter. Indecisiveness is just like standing at the middle of the road waiting to be run over.
  • Last but not least, persistence is crucial. Great success can hardly happen overnight (unless you’re Justin Bieber). Major successes often come around at the last 3% of your content marketing journey. Therefore, clients shall be aware that content marketing success through copywriting takes time.
Traits of a Highly Effective Copywriter

Philosophy to Write the Best Content

All the above points describe Word Philocaly perfectly. For us, it’s not just about just doing a good job. We are always very passionately involved in every client’s project. As a result, the success of our clients is what drives us to be better copywriters.

As a reputable copywriting service provider for a highly effective copy, Word Philocaly relies on 7 ingredients:

  1. A strong connection 
  2. A burning desire 
  3. Unparalleled expertise 
  4. A good understanding of the industry and languages
  5. A solid structure and consistent strategy
  6. A clear decision 
  7. Strong persistence and determination

These seven ingredients form the foundation for highly effective copy, successful content marketing, and remarkable and long-term cooperation. If you decide to hire a copywriter for content marketing anytime soon, make sure that the one you find not only do their job; they also must be highly driven to do what they do.

How can Word Philocaly Help You in Content Marketing?

Word Philocaly focuses on providing you high-impact copywriting and content writing services to reach more potential customers.

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