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If you have just started a new business in Malaysia or anywhere in the world, you would probably want to make an excellent first impression to your potential clients. So, a well-prepared, must-have company profile, also known as corporate profile, is definitely an essential marketing tool. The company profile is greatly important in business meetings to sell your products or services, secure a governmental project and gain investors.

So, what is a company profile? A company profile provides you with an immediate look into a company’s history, structure, performance, strength, reputation, as well as to inform the readers about its products and services. With that, people will be able to get a general idea of what a company offers and whether they want to do business with this company. A perfectly crafted company profile must be able to tell the audience how capable the company is to meet the customers’ requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at why you need a company profile in Malaysia.

The Purpose of Your Company Profile

In addition to telling what your company is about to your existing and prospective customers, business partners, investors, service providers, and job applicants will also use your company profile to make an informed decision. Therefore, your company profile must be fully optimized in the following channels to utilize it to the maximum: recruitment portals, company websites, social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Business, LinkedIn, brochures, press releases, and other documents and media.

So, why would create a company profile for your business?

1. A Company Profile in Malaysia Helps You Sell

One of the benefits of having a company profile is that it’s your silent salesperson. It is a versatile and useful document that tells your clients what they will expect from you when they do business with you.

A company profile is a tailored document that is provided complimentarily to convince your clients why you are their ultimate choice.

2. A Company Profile in Malaysia Wins Projects

In order to bid for private and governmental tenders, submitting a company profile with your tender documents is mandatory. In your company profile, your business expertise and strength will be highlighted to make you stand out and win projects.

3. A Company Profile in Malaysia Is a Fool-proof Marketing Tool

Organizations that you will want to co-operate with will mostly ask for your company profile before deciding on whether to do business with you. Therefore, a marketing-oriented corporate profile is vital in this competitive business world — you will be constantly one step ahead of your competitors in the long run. The image you exude with your company profile is going to be a lasting impression for your investors, business partners, job candidates, and other stakeholders.

4. A Company Profile Is Effective for Recruitment

Gaining top talents is always in the top of the list of a company’s strategy to grow. Businesses used to be the ones to choose employees; but now, it’s a different game. People with qualifications and great talents have become those who choose their jobs and employers. As a result, companies are battling for attention to get the most talented professionals in the job market.

This is why your company profile is now an extremely important document for your business to show your employees what you have to offer, and ultimately choose you.

You Shouldn’t Write a Company Profile on Your Own

Hiring a professional to write your company profile is paramount. Some companies would ask their employees to write their company profile internally but here’s the problem: they don’t have the expertise and skill that a professional company profile writer has. So, in the end, they only produce a lackluster company profile that doesn’t generate positive results.

Here are some issues when internal employees write their own company profile:

· It is loaded with complicated languages and difficult for the audience to understand

· It doesn’t tell your brand positioning and brand message

· It is written with a lot of grammatical errors

· It is too general without any company uniqueness

· The content disconnects with the audience

· The design is not able to get the audience’s attention

· It’s not user-friendly

How to Create a Company Profile with Word Philocaly

Your business company profile is more than just a document that you use it once in a while. It should be a fundamental document that is part of your marketing strategy, enabling you to set your business apart from competitors. So don’t wait any longer. It’s time to update or create a company profile that is uniquely yours.

With a company profile in print or on your website, you have the opportunity to illustrate your business the way you want it; attract more business partners, investors, and talents. If you need assistance in writing a company profile, our team at Word Philocaly can help you. We can also help you design and print your company profile in Malaysia with the best quality that is based on your requirements. Get started NOW.

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