This article tells you the importance of Instagram company profile in Malaysia

How many people around you use Instagram? Or has an official account for their Instagram business profile? Do you know someone who hasn’t had it on their mobile phone yet? 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that has seen the greatest growth in recent years. Why is that? The secret of Instagram is that it is based on visual content. Humans are unique creatures. And our brain responds better to visual stimuli. That is why images and videos are becoming increasingly important in online marketing or digital marketing. 

Thanks to the Advent of Mobile Devices

Also, Instagram is managed from a mobile device, a gadget that we have with us all the time when we’re awake. Therefore, companies and brands are increasingly clear that Instagram marketing is vital; and many are thinking about how to use Instagram for business to reap the most benefits. 

As an expert in content writing in Malaysia, Word Philocaly is here to give you some advice. Pay attention to the 7 reasons why you should have an Instagram business profile in Malaysia. 

1. Instagram Algorithm Benefits You

Until quite recently, the Instagram algorithm only took the timing element into account. In other words, it valued the most recent posts. However, nowadays the algorithm has changed. It does not only prioritize the ‘freshness’ of your posts, but it also considers your post engagement. (Here’s a free tool you can use to calculate your Instagram engagement)

Comments and likes make a new post on Instagram more viral. On the other hand, the more user interactions of an Instagram post, the more visibility the post will achieve.

2. Generate More Engagement with Instagram Business Profile

Many digital marketing studies have determined that Instagram is the social platform with the highest user engagement for companies and brands. Audiences continually search for visual content and company portfolio regardless of the day or the time. 

Besides, its format and presentation facilitate interaction through likes and comments. To have the most compelling result, hashtags should never be lacking in your Instagram company profile. Why? Hashtags boost engagement

Instagram is a social network with the largest number of users. Many companies and brands utilize an Instagram business account to increase their brand visibility. 

3. Instagram Business Profile Brings Traffic to Your Website

One of the advantages companies creates an Instagram business account is to enhance its brand visibility. This translates to higher traffic to your website. Consequently, that means an improvement in your organic website positioning. 

Every time you write a new blog post, share the page link in the Instagram bio. You also want to inform your followers in the Instagram post that they can access your article through the link. 

4. Instagram Profile Brings Your Brand Closer to the Audience

Instagram is a social network that brings your brand closer to users. That is, it allows you to be personal, and show your human aspect. For example, you can post what day-to-day is like in the company; share photos of the company’s breakfasts (food always triumphs on Instagram); or display fun and creative things that employees do. 

Show your company portfolio on instagram

5. Understand User Behavior and Gain New Ones

Likes and comments are tools that give you the chance to discover which content has generated the most engagement. Engaged contents are those that audiences like the most. Also, thanks to the ‘Search’ tab, the Instagram algorithm your brand makes your brand known. Users who do searches related to your products or services make your brand pop up. 

6. Use Instagram Business Profile to Promote Products and Services

As a social network, Instagram is a platform on which you can promote your products or services. In addition to using the original photos, it is also a good strategy to edit your product or service pictures. You can also make use of copyright-free images when necessary. Do keep in mind that having quality copywriting or content writing is also key to get your message across to users.  

7. Your Instagram Business Profile Reflects Your Business Culture

Not only Instagram can attract customers, but it is also a social platform to attract the best talents. Simply put, it is an ideal outlet to reflect your business values and philosophy, as well as to promote your company culture.

Business Profile and Company Profile Copywriting Services in Malaysia with Word Philocaly

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