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Writing for Social Media? Seven Steps to Success

Tricks of writing for social media? You may be thinking of some striking sentences and a couple of effective emojis – yes, it’s so easy and at the same time so challenging to craft the perfect text for social media. Because just like in the cross-country race, you must have the technique and skills to help you speed things up. Here are the tips that will make you get your message across to your audience.

It may seem simple, but writing catchy posts on social media is actually more demanding than you might think. Fortunately, it can go a long way with some good, old-fashioned preparation and a bunch of clever writing tips. Below you will find a checklist with seven points that guarantee engagement, likes, and traffic.

1. What type of content should you post on social media?

Before you embark on the journey of writing for social media, it is a good idea to know ​​where you are going. Therefore, you should always start by asking: What is the purpose of this post? Is it to make the reader curious about a product, share helpful information, or just entertain?

Once you have mapped out what should be there, it is easier to write a post that gives the recipient a clear value. The value can be in the form of new inspirations, answers to a question, or, well, a real laugh.

2. Who is your audience on social media?

For the post to be the success you hope for, you need to know who you are talking to. What are the interests, needs, and digital habits of the people you want to reach? The more knowledge you have about the target group, the more equipped your toolbox is to create relevant, tailored content. Adapt words and phrases to your core audience – whether it is an “interesting cars for men of 35 or above” or “cultures only your 70s aunts will understand”.

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3. Does your tone of voice matter? Do you use it right?

Know your target group overview: checked. 

Then the next step of writing for social media is to have a clear tone of voice that reflects what your company stands for – and that customers will recognize it from time to time. Imagine the company as a person: Is it fun, motivating and outgoing, down to earth, or safe and accessible? 

Make sure that the language in the post matches and supports the company’s prominent characteristics. Show your potential customers who you are!

4. How do you structure a social media post? Do you keep it short and personal?

Long texts fall short on social media. An internet user scrolls an average of 180 meters every day! So it’s crucial to catch the reader’s attention quickly. How many words do you need to make the point? Maybe one sentence is all it takes?

Use simple words and expressions, avoid fillers such as adjectives and adverbs. Last but not least: be personal. On social media, it is “you” and “we” for all the money. Unleash your creativity, and don’t forget to reinforce your message with an emoji or two.

5. How do text and image work together?

Social media is mainly visual. But even if photos and videos gain victory in the battle for users’ attention, it does not mean that you can oversee the importance of text! Use powerful words to complement and emphasize the visual content. 

A catchy text can be a decisive point whether readers will click on your post. And if your writing for social media is genius, it is the text that has the most significant impact!

6. Why is a CTA important? Don’t forget your CTA!

Although writing for social media is fun, do not lose sight of the purpose of the post. You want the reader to take action, whether to press “like,” share, or click on your online store and website, right? But nothing comes by itself – that’s why you should always end a post with a powerful CTA (Call to Action).

7. Why should you always proofread your message before posting?

This is precisely the point we are highly concerned about. Even if a social media post contains only two short sentences, mistakes and typos can creep in without you know it. Have a colleague review the post and print it out and read it aloud on the paper. 

When you press “publish,” you must know that the written content is grammatically correct (without spelling errors and typos), flows naturally, and makes sense for your readers. Social media posts with many grammatical mistakes and typos can quickly get in the way of your message and irritate your readers. 

And worst of all, poorly written content without proofreading will make your company appear unprofessional and crappy.

Writing for Social Media: Get Help from Word Philocaly 

Finally, we wish you all luck with writing! And if you need a little help setting the tone on social media with impeccably engaging content, we are ready to help you out! Contact our creative social media writers and professional copywriters at Word Philocaly.

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