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Should You Hire a Ghostwriter? What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

Not sure why you need to hire a ghostwriter? What do ghostwriters do? Does being a ghostwriter mean someone sits in a ghost costume writing all day?

For the last question, the answer is of course no, but we’d do that just once. Stick around, and we will answer the rest of the questions and explain what a typical non-fiction book ghostwriter will do for you.

If you think you want to write a book, a website, or a series of content regarding your business, but you have no time. Or maybe you hate writing, and a ghostwriter or ghostwriting service might be a perfect solution.

What Is a Ghost Writer?

A ghost writer is someone who can write your book, essay, or other content, in your words. They research, and they interview you. They review content you’ve put out, and they work hard to capture your voice to create a great first draft of a book or content.

Steps of Ghostwriting 

Most of the time, a whole ghostwriting service for a book or content includes the following:

1. Establish a Concept

When you hire a ghostwriter, the ghostwriter first flushes the concept out. Creating a vision means identifying the ideal reader and the hook of the book or content.

2. Draft an Outline

Then, a ghostwriter will draft the outline of a book or content with the author or individual. The ghostwriter will interview the author or customer extensively to capture their voice and expertise.

3. Research the Subject Matter

Once a ghostwriter completes the outline with the author or the customer, the ghostwriter will supplement the content as needed. 

A ghostwriter first flushes the concept out. Creating a vision means identifying the ideal reader and the hook of the book or content. | Word Philocaly

4. Write the First Draft

When all the necessary content and information are ready, the ghostwriter will write the first draft.

5. Get Feedback

Acquiring feedback from the author or customer is crucial. You get to know what is lacking in the content or what needs adjustment or improvement. The author or customer’s comments are beneficial in refining your draft. Also, authors or customers will feel more confident in choosing us as their ghostwriters or make use of our ghostwriting service.

6. Revise and Finalize the Draft

Then, the ghostwriter will work with the feedback and revise the draft. Once it’s a solid draft, Word Philocaly’s ghostwriter will hand this draft to our editors and proofreaders to review, modify, and proofread. 

Hire a Ghostwriter in Malaysia

Sound like a lot of work? Call us, and we can help. In case you haven’t heard, we are Word Philocaly. We provide ghostwriting service and help individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs write books, company profiles, business documents (a business proposal, business plan, marketing pitches, etc.). Our ghostwriting service and copywriting service in Malaysia can help grow your business and build a great brand. 

Other than that, we provide academic help regarding your personal statement, thesis, cover letter, motivational letter, and many others. A great ghostwriter or ghostwriting service can be the perfect addition to your team. Or cost-effective support for your academic or entrepreneurial journey.

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