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How to Write a CV and Get Hired Quickly

Well, how to write a CV (you may have just googled it and found us)? Let’s put ourselves in this situation. Imagine you have found a job offer online that is perfect for you. You put on the latest update to your CV and send it to your potential employer in rapid-fire. And now it’s time to wait for your resume to get the attention of recruiters, among the hundreds they will receive daily. 

You may be lucky that your CV gets picked right away, well, if it stands out. Or would it just sit in the potential employer’s inbox and be drowned in those thousands of CVs that never get opened?

How to Make Sure that You Write a CV That Stands Out?

Different studies with recruiters and recruitment experts have shown a stark reality. All those candidates who deliver a professionally written CV increase their chances of being hired. These people can have up to 80% more chances of going to the desired job interview. 

Some of these studies affirmed that the companies’ recruiters immediately choose these CVs over the rest for different factors. We will talk more about this later in this article. 

As a result, candidates who write a CV professionally accelerates their job prospects and starts work sooner. 

There are several ways to optimize your CV: 

Professional CV writers know exactly what recruiters want to see today, especially for specific jobs. Below are the six critical factors that will optimize your resume and accelerate your career.

Seduce Recruiters with Your CV

Professional recruiters or recruitment experts know what they want. They can quickly detect a professional resume and give you a vote of confidence. Furthermore, professionally crafted CVs will help you meet the search criteria of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) filters.

Recruiters use ATS to narrow down their applicant pool by searching specific keywords their fit the job positions. So ATS has always been an essential tool for companies and recruiters to choose suitable candidates; instead of doing a massive, time-consuming search and filtering resumes one by one. 

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Professionally crafted CVs will help you meet the search criteria of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) filters. | Word Philocaly

Let’s see how you can write a CV that can stand out from that of other candidates:


You have something to offer, so you must be clear about what that is and show it. You must be firm and cheerful but avoid being aggressive, demanding, or even desperate. 


 Demonstrate that you can meet even the most difficult challenges. They are not going to hire you to show up and waste time. You’ve already made a difference before. Show them you can do it again.


Your resume cannot be based on exaggerations or events that have not happened. You have to highlight everything you are and what you have done truthfully to fit in with that new job that you long for. Recruiters do not like to take unnecessary risks and can quickly detect fraud. So don’t lie.

Discover the 6 Factors that Will Help You Write a Better CV

The reasons for getting a job will differ from one candidate to another. So, it is good advice to understand the six key points that professional CV writers focus on. The following elements should always be on any resume:


Even though the requested position does not demand authentic leadership, recruiters want to see you have the potential to be a leader. Demonstrate your skills that you can effectively communicate, critically analyze problems, and positively interact with others.


Anyone can come to the office to just open emails and follow instructions. To make a difference and stand out, you must be proactive. Show that you can do things today that will make a difference tomorrow.


We always emphasize this critical element. Actions speak louder than words, so you must show your achievements. Give recruiters information about the contributions you made and their impact on the company. And consequently, what sets you apart from other candidates, and what added value you can offer to a new company that hires you.


These show the candidate’s understanding of their management’s impact on the company’s success. You should demonstrate that you are responsible, ready to take on challenges, and take the company to a higher level.


Companies want motivated people, not someone who has already been through the same job five times. Employers want to make sure that the job they offer you is not too big a jump for you. Your CV should convey the story of why this is precisely the right time for both you and the company.

Clarity and precision: 

You may have all the potential in the world for that job, but if the recruiter can’t see them on your resume or Linkedin, you are going to lose out to other candidates. A professionally written CV helps recruiters navigate their screening journey through your work experience with effective keywords. Laser-targeted keywords allow recruiters to have a quick scan of your resume if you meet essential requirements.

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A professionally written CV helps recruiters navigate their screening journey through your work experience with effective keywords. | Word Philocaly

Write a Better CV in 5 Steps:

Henry Ford once said that ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’ If you want to have a sure-fire way to triumph your job search and get new job opportunities, now is the time to rewrite your resume and Linkedin profile

Focus on things that can display how valuable you can be:

Step 1: Review your entire career path and compose a list of keywords that link to the previous six factors we’ve seen. Focus on the accomplishments and responsibilities you’ve accomplished in each previous job. If you have achieved a milestone for your former companies, something you can express in figures such as percentage(%), you should highlight it. Graphically accentuate all the achievements or strengths you don’t want recruiters to miss.

Step 2: Carefully read the job posting over and over again. Please look at the role description and use it to identify the specific skills recruiters are looking for. Smartly select the keywords from step 1 that will help you in this particular position.

Step 3: Write your entire work and academic experience with clarity and precision. Use a CV template that is appropriate and suitable for your style. You may need a classic resume or something more sophisticated with infographics. At Word Philocaly, we not only help you write, but we also offer a wide range of professional CV templates that fit your requirements.

Step 4: Select the skills that you must include in your CV and your LinkedIn profile.  

Step 5: If you are good at writing and editing, excellent! Now, you have all the keys and will get the recruiter’s attention. However, if you have difficulties writing or putting your information into words, hire a professional CV writer for the best result. We have insights and experience of knowing what recruiters need and want to see. You will have the right keywords, tone of voice, style, and consistency in your overall CV storytelling with our assistance. 

Invest in Yourself via Crafting a Professional Resume or Linkedin Profile

A better CV dramatically increases the chances of getting a job interview. The sooner you get that next job you love, the sooner you can drive your career toward that ultimate goal you desire. 

Good writing and design of your CV and Linkedin profile can justify a higher salary. If you have doubts about defining your skills or need more advice on how your resume can stand out for managers, talk to us. Our professional CV writers will assist you in the best way possible. 

In addition to the expert resume writers at Word Philocaly, we also have many CV designs and templates. These specially designed CVs are for managers and higher management personnel who want to enhance their professional profile.

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