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What is a Resume Writer? How to Optimize Your Resume?

How to Optimize Your Resume with a resume writer?

If you are looking for a job, you may think that there is no one better to talk about you than yourself. This idea makes perfect sense. Who better than you to explain what you did in your previous jobs, what your strengths are, what professional goals you have, and everything that matters in a CV or in a job interview? 

However, there are many reasons why hiring a CV writer can make a difference for your job search. Not all people make correct use of the language or have the necessary tools to organize the information and structure it in the best way. And on another level, many people are plagued by insecurities and all sorts of mental barriers  — preventing them from determining what really should stand out on a resume and what not.

Before talking about why you need a CV writer, let’s take a look at what the a professional CV writer is and what they do.

What does a CV writer do? What does professional CV stand for?

CV means Curriculum Vitae. In Latin, CV means the “course of life.” CV is also known as resume, a French word that means “summary.” Thus, a  CV writer is also known as a resume writer . 

A CV writer is often a professional trained in communication, marketing, or human resources. They are experts in using their skills to write an optimized CV for job seekers. CV writers are good at highlighting key achievements and skills that will help candidates get the specific type of job, in the specific area they target.

In other words, the job of a resume writer or CV Writer is to create a personal marketing tool, rather than writing a simple timeline of your work. Below are some of the aspects in which this CV writers works to optimize your CV:

  • Identify and highlight your achievements , skills and competencies that best fit the job that interests you.
  • Structure your CV so that the sections in which you excel best have greater prominence.
  • Eliminate unnecessary , irrelevant or potentially negative details.
  • Use the appropriate keywords for the market or work area you are targeting, getting passed ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Create your CV with effective and persuasive copywriting method to get the attention of recruiters, employers, and  whoever reads your CV.
  • Ensures your entire resume is easy to read and  memorable , so that it is not lost among other candidates’ CVs.

It is important to know that the work that a CV Writer does is also a collaborative process. Before they start writing your CV, a resume writer will ask you several questions. These questions are to help establish what your goals are, making sure that the CV writer really understands what your target or particular niche is.

Should I use a CV writer?

You can find many reasons why you should ask a professional CV writer to help you with writing a powerful CV. Perhaps it has been a long time since you undertook a job search. As a result, you no longer know how the market works.

Or perhaps it has been quite a while since you sent your CV to different companies and you have not received positive responses. Whatever your reasons may be, a professional resume writer can help you overcome these obstacles.

If you can identify youself with any of the following four scenarios, it’s time for you to hire a CV Writer.

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The job of a resume writer or CV Writer is to create a personal marketing tool, rather than writing a simple timeline of your work. | Word Philocaly

1. You’ve been sending your CV for a long time and you haven’t received any response.

This situation can be very exhausting, because the process of going through ads, choosing the right companies, preparing and sending your resume, writing a cover letter, filling out an application form, and many others, can take a significant amount of your time

And eventually with all the effort you have put into with no results, you will be so stressed and lost — two very logical consequences when your job hunting is in vain. In this scenario, a CV Writer has all the necessary tools to make an objective analysis of your CV; discover what may not be working in your CV; make decisions about what adjustments they should do in your CV to turn the situation around.

2. You are thinking of making a change to your professional life.

Whether you are ready to leave a job that makes you unhappy or you realize that you must redefine yourself as a professional in a new area of expertise, your resume is one of the first aspects that you should pay attention to. 

In this case, a CV Writer can really make a difference. They can help you highlight your strengths, restructure the information, and redesign the appearance of your CV according to your new career goals.

3. You go back to work or resume your profession after a long hiatus.

The reasons why you may have put a long pause in your career (whether you are self-employed or work as an employee) can be quite a few. But when you go back to the career battle field again, the same thing always happens: you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest developments within your professional area.

Furthermore, you need to be aware of all the new trends within the labor and recruitment market as well. This is one of the perfect circumstance for a professional resume writer to help you save time and effort. Professional CV writers will apply the most up-to-date knowledge that you don’t have, creating a compelling CV for you to charm your future employer.

4. You don’t know yourself well enough.

Talking about yourself can be really difficult, and this is because you do not know yourself well enough (or do not accept yourself). It’s challenging for you to define what you have to give or what your weaknesses are. 

And although it may sound a bit strange, it is very normal for some people to find it hard to talk about the their achievements and promote themselves. For this reason, hiring a CV Writer is always a great idea: you leave the toughest part (which is, “showing off” your talent) to CV writers, and let them help you bring out the best in you. All in all, the perfect CV writer help translate all your accomplishments and qualifications into a  high-impact resume.

At Word Philocaly, we have a team of professional CV writers in Malaysia help you achieve your caeer goals. 

Our professional resume writers will assist you in defining your career goals,  selecting your value proposition, choosing the appropriate keywords, determining your strengths and competencies, structuring your CV, and so much more. 

Would you like to get call from the employer of your dream company? We bet you would! Send us a WhatsApp message to find out more.

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