Business English: The 15 Most Widely Used Abbreviations

You know the feeling. You will come to work on a Monday and once you open your mailbox, a bunch of unread messages pops up on the screen right in front of you. You may understand some of the abbreviations used in the email, while some remains a mystery.

Today, Word Philocaly has prepared the 15 most widely used business English abbreviations. We hope you’ll get inspired by our favorite abbreviations, which are used more and more frequently in business email and chats. 

Of course, for formal copywriting or writing, we wouldn’t use these abbreviations very often. 

Some abbreviations remain a mystery.

1. OOO: Out of Office 
You’re not at your workplace.

Example: I will have a meeting with you next week. I am OOO this week.

2. WFH: Work from Home
 You have a home office and you work at home. 
 Example: I’m currently WFH, you can reach me via text messages or email.

3. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

(The Gentle Version: Keep It Short and Sweet)
Make it simple, don’t make it too complicated. Let everyone be able to read and understand it.

Example: How do such detailed information help at the beginning of this project? Please KISS!

4. BTW: By the Way
Incidentally. You can hear it from the younger generation in daily spoken form. 
Example: The meeting was postponed to next Monday. BTW, do you know where our director has gone?

5. FYI: For Your Information
The information is just simply shared and no immediate action is necessary. 
Example: FYI, we have a new employee coming in our marketing department today.

6. LMK: Let Me Know
 To inform you. 
 Example: LMK if you are going to attending the training this afternoon.

7. EOD: End of the Day
 End of the working day. It’s often the best part of the working day. 
 Example: I will send you the invoice at the EOD.

8. IMO: In My Opinion
 What you think about something or someone, but it’s not necessarily a fact.
 Example: IMO, you’re overqualified for this position in the company.

IMO, you're overqualified for this position in the company.

9. OT — Off-topic
We use it when we want to mention something that does not concern the topic at the time of the conversation.

Example: OT: What should we get Adam for his birthday this Friday?

10. ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
Use as a reminder for someone.
Example: ICYMI, our business partner from China will visit us tomorrow.

11. YW: You’re Welcome
Duh. A polite response when someone says “thank you” to you. 
Example: YW, it’s my pleasure working with you.

12. TBH: To Be Honest
To speak frankly about something 
Example: TBH, I expected more enthusiasm from you in this project.

13. ASAP: As Soon As Possible

(A little bit overused nowadays, TBH)
Do or complete something as quickly as possible.

Example: Send me the documents ASAP or my boss will not be happy.

14. NBD: No Big Deal
Things that happen aren’t that terrible and it doesn’t matter so much

Example: The fact that we lost this customer is actually NBD. We have plenty of other loyal customers.

15. OTP: On the Phone
In a conversation over the telephone.

Example: He’s currently on a business trip, but you can still get him OTP.

The use of these abbreviations depends on your business circumstances.

So! Now you know that business conversation can be effective and interesting at the same time. There are many other abbreviations like these but please use them wisely: The use of these abbreviations depends on your business circumstances.

The main idea of their usage is to make others’ and your life easier by getting your message across, but not to jeopardize your career and business when you use them in formal writing.

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