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Your Pocket Guide to Company Profile Template Design

Most small businesses don’t spend time building a company profile template until they need it. While these profiles are sometimes designed as a one-pager document or even an infographic, Word Philocaly continues to defend that the slide presentation or digital brochure format is probably the best.

The challenge with one-pagers and infographics is that once built, adding or removing information is complicated. With a presentation, on the other hand, you can add or hide slides to tailor the company to whoever is receiving it.

When we initially designed these slides, we called them ‘Public Company Intro Template’ since they were meant to be a public investor deck that the companies could embed on their websites (we still think that’s a good idea, by the way).

A Great Company Profile Engages

Depending on the type of website your company has, a company intro in presentation form might be an excellent way to get people to engage in what to do.

At Word Philocaly, we’ve revamped our presentation deck to be more fitting for a short company profile. So we can share it as a standalone presentation or include it as an introduction to a sales pitch or a consulting proposal.

You can also share these standalone presentations as an intro to a potential client, put it in your website contact form, or your email autoresponder. Besides, you can append these presentations to your email signature or use them for social media marketing.

Finally, Google or other search engines may index the slides you share online, providing another result for your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Key Elements in a Company Profile:

These are the elements you need to include in your company profile template:

  1. Keep it simple. Choose the best company image you can find. If you don’t have one, try to find one that relates to your business.
  2. Use founding year, customers served, and monthly active users, or find some metrics, accomplishments, or awards that you can brag about.
  3. Mission/vision statements.
  4. Talk about your core team or at least the relevant part to whomever you are sharing this document with. Try to keep it to 2-4 people, and add the shortest possible summary about each team member.
  5. A ‘what we do’ slide, but it might not apply to every single context.
  6. If you are using this presentation for a business proposal, you may want to mention other services or products your company has as a way to bring some context into the pitch.
  7. There is no better proof than social proof.
  8. Brag about your most nameworthy customers and some of the projects you’ve developed with them.
  9. Bring in some highlight projects/products that you’ve developed. Get a star, hero image for each one of them and add a small brief of what your company did.
  10. Again, social proof is precious for these presentations. If you have quotes from the press or reviews from relevant people, you should put them in a new slide as well.
  11. Website, email, and social contacts.

Word Philocaly Help Write and Design Your Company Profile

‍We hope this summary of what a company profile template is has helped you get a better idea of what you need to work on your company profile. If you need assistance, please reach out to us.

Just remember to keep your company profiles updated with any additions or changes you need. If you found this information useful, like or share this article. You can also follow us on our social media channels. We’ll see you soon!

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