How-to: Birth Certificate Translation into Another Language - word philocaly

How-to: Birth Certificate Translation into Another Language

How-to: Birth Certificate Translation into Another Language – by Word Philocaly

Malaysia Bar Council defines a birth certificate as an official government document that certifies the birth of a child for many purposes, including taxes, government services, and census data. Birth certificates serve as the most fundamental form of identification because they verify your age and nationality.

If you’ve got a birth certificate from another country that is not in English, you may need it translated at some point. Count on Word Philocaly for a fast, precise birth certificate translation.

Who can translate a birth certificate for immigration?

If you’d like your birth certificate translated, follow the steps below:

  1. Please send us an electronic copy of the birth certificate. Include your contact information, such as your name, contact number, and email address, as well as telling us the source language and the target language of your birth certificate.
  2. Our project manager will be in charge of handling your case.
  3. Depending on the subject content, source and target languages, complexity, length, and formatting needs, it will vary the time it takes to translate a birth certificate.
  4. Upon completion of the birth certificate translation, the document is double-checked to ensure its legitimacy and accuracy.
  5. We will then deliver the translated birth certificate to you as an electronic file. You can request hard copies to be posted to a specific address with an additional fee.
  6. Our secured databases hold all translated documents, ensuring the security of your documents and identity, as well as everyone else’s.
  7. You can then find a notary public in your area to certify your birth certificate translation. 

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What is the need of birth certificate translation?

There are numerous reasons why you might require a translation of your birth certificate. Most people require a birth certificate translation when applying for passports or visas to live in another country. Additionally, many educational institutions may need a translated birth certificate as part of the application process.

how much do document translators charge - birth certificate translation malaysia - word philocaly
Most people require a birth certificate translation when applying for passports or visas to live in another country. | Word Philocaly

Typically, you’ll need to have that certificate for one of the following purposes:

  • Applying for a visa or residence permit
  • Applying for university/college
  • Applying for a new passport (naturalization or obtaining citizenship)
  • Marriage (domestic or overseas)

It is possible to get a professional translation of your birth certificate with Word Philocaly. Word Philocaly can help you with your birth certificate translation requirements. Word Philocaly’s project managers are familiar with the document translation criteria to make the procedure as simple as possible. 

Word Philocaly’s project managers are familiar with the document translation criteria to make the procedure as simple as possible. For this reason, our translated documents run through a routine quality assurance routine before we deliver the finalized copy to you.

As you proceed with your visa or passport application, you may rest easy knowing that one more thing is taken care of. Consult our friendly representative to learn more about the document translation process at Word Philocaly.

Birth Certificate Translation Is Necessary for Immigration Purposes 

There is a lot of paperwork to fill out and documentation to submit when applying at governmental departments worldwide – visas, passports, permanent residency, etc. To top it all off, there are costs and a lengthy process to prove your qualification.

Multiple civil documents are necessary from visa applicants, with a translation of your foreign birth certificate being the most important. Since most government documents in Malaysia are in Malay, you must translate them before starting with any overseas applications, such as work visa, study visa, residency status, and many others.

Therefore, without a birth certificate translation, the immigration department of your application country will be unable to accurately determine the cost of a visa, confirm your identification, and determine if they should decline your application. Find out how to receive a recognized translation for different purposes.

International Immigration Requirements

As previously indicated, many countries’ immigrations require birth certificates translated into English for migrants applying for a visa and residency. A translated birth certificate should be formatted similar to the original.

This is essential information: foreign birth certificates must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Translated copies must be certified at a notary public with signature and stamp. 

Word Philocaly – Your Top Translation Company in Malaysia

As a professional translation company in Malaysia familiar with the local and international translation criteria, our trusted translators can deliver your translation promptly and affordably. Word Philocaly is your best option, given the challenges of comprehending diverse laws and finding a qualified translator.

Word Philocaly specializes in a wide range of document and birth certificate translations, so you can definitely appreciate we will deliver your translation at the fastest turnaround time with the highest acceptance rate, as well as at a fair price.  You may rely on Word Philocaly to provide you with a professional translation service if you require a birth certificate translation. Request a free quote for your translation today.

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