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Why Should You Hire a Professional Copywriter in Malaysia?

This is a story from one of our clients about hiring a professional copywriter in Malaysia.

This is Jonathan. I’m a senior marketing manager at Thought Media in Canada. I’m hiring a new professional copywriter, so why am I looking to Malaysia to hire my copywriter? Now there are a lot of amazing reasons why I’ve hired 14 full-time people in Malaysia. But a copywriter is another thing because English is a second language. Well, I found the secret and I’m going to share why and how I’m hiring a copywriter in Malaysia.

I’ve been hiring professional copywriters in Malaysia for over a decade and I’ve had great, great success.There’s been some interesting things that have happened. But for the most part, just good, genuine, hard-working, honest people that I’ve really come to develop good friendships and partnership with. It’s just been amazing.

I actually went to Malaysia in January 2020 before COVID-19 hit. Met my team for the first time and I was kind of nervous. Like what’s this going to be? Is there going to be awkwardness? Are we going to get along. But it just felt like I just felt so much warmth and so much appreciation which I didn’t expect.

I had great, great experience on hiring Malaysia copywriters and there wasn’t one area that I’ve not had success with. Because communications with all my copywriting team in Malaysia is really easy. I mean the majority of Malaysians speak and write great English. It’s perfect for my part. There’s no misunderstanding with our communication.

However, sometimes writing is a little bit different just because English grammar is crazy. And when it’s a second language, it’s totally understandable. But I found a way to hire somebody in Malaysia that is a great writer. That’s why I came across the team at Word Philocaly.

Let me explain why I need a copywriter / content writer. My company produces 12 different YouTube channels right now. Therefore, we actually do a lot of writing in the description as well as the video script.

For the video description, it’s just a paragraph or two on each episode. But when we’re putting out a new episode every day for 12 different channels, that’s actually a lot of writing. So I just want to take it up a notch and then plus as a side note. I’m doing a lot of research on LinkedIn and thus I’m ready to step back into the LinkedIn space.

Because I found that articles are really important on LinkedIn. So I need a really good writer for LinkedIn.

content writing service malaysia professional copywriting services - word philocaly
“I found a way to hire somebody in Malaysia that is a great writer. That’s why I came across the team at Word Philocaly” | Word Philocaly

So I type in “professional copywriter in Malaysia” in the search bar and hit search, Word Philocaly Copywriting came out on top. And this is out of hundreds of thousands of companies that are in the search results. As a result, I sent them a message through WhatsApp. From the conversation, it told me right off the bat that they were really good writers.

I then saw the copywriter’s profile and portfolio and they also used their writing skills to promote themselves. My first impression was like, “Wow! they know how to write.” And as I read through it, it’s like you can’t tell it’s a second language. It’s got really good sell psychology built into the writing. The writing just got really good grammar and it’s in it’s engaging writing.

And so that’s what I want to tell you. If you want to hire a writer in Malaysia, take a look at the writing. This is a really good resource. For my case, luckily, I found Word Philocaly for only a few searches.

I remember this was how Word Philocaly’s profile looked like a few years ago that really impressed me. They have now updated their profile to keep up with the new services and customer demand. Here’s the one that I came across last time:

“Is getting more leads one of your major challenges? Imagine the competition out there and marketing your services and expertise takes time. A compelling sales page is important for your business where…”

So you see what Word Philocaly did here? They’ve used the writing ability to really promote themselves. Yet they’re not even talking about themselves. They’re drawing me in to what I want.

Here’s another Word Philocaly’s profile after I have worked with them for five years:

“Are you looking for an affordable but high quality content to boost your website, social media page or e-commerce store? If you’re a startup company or a one-man business who are looking for top, great product descriptions for your Amazon store or for our first rate SEO blogs and website copies…”

What I love about this profile is that they’re writing to me. They’re really writing to me into what my needs are and what I’m looking for. They’re showcasing their writing experience to the best of their ability to promote themselves.

If you’re looking to hire a professional copywriter in Malaysia, I think checking out the freelance copywriter or copywriting company’s profile is an amazing way. It’s a great resource that you can find the people that actually are using the writing ability. If you are lazy to do the searching, just use Word Philocaly, a copywriting service company that I have been partnering with for years now.

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