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Why Are Professional Translation Services Essential for Your Business

These are times when globalization is present everywhere, and that’s why professional translation services play fundamental roles in the success of a company, product, or service. There is no doubt that communication between company and client is evolving at great speed in recent times.

We are in an increasingly global society that allows us to sell in any country worldwide, thanks to eCommerce via the Internet. Thus, globalization makes the correct translation and adaptation of all marketing material essential.

Professional Translation Services in Malaysia

But obviously, marketing translation or business translation seems like something that many companies in Malaysia are not completely clear about. Serving as a professional translation agency for many years, Word Philocaly can see this issue daily. 

Many companies resort to hiring professional translation services after having had a terrible experience marketing their products or services to different target audiences and countries. The two main problems are the following:

  1. Marketing translation was not done by a native professional translator.
  2. The marketing material has not been adapted (localized) to the country, region, or market it intends to access.

New technologies and communications offer any company globally, regardless of its size, an excellent opportunity to approach potential foreign clients. And the foray into new markets.

Translations Go Way Beyond Literal Words – Localization

But many entrepreneurs or managers of the marketing department do not realize that a simple word-for-word translation is a big no-no in marketing translation. For the translation of marketing documents, web pages, brochures, etc., it is essential to adapt the languages to the specific country. Also, to the region or public to which the translation is going to be directed. This sort of language adaptation in the translation industry is called localization.

In Malaysia and many other countries, there is the paradox that companies allocate large amounts of money every year for their marketing campaigns. These companies look for the ideal message, the perfect typeface, and the best colors for their “perfect” marketing campaigns.

Reading about business translation and other content translation:

The Importance of Localization

But strangely, many of these companies do not realize that their marketing content, which worked perfectly in Malaysia, can fail miserably in another country or market if it is not translated and adapted (localized) correctly. Offering marketing content that may be culturally inappropriate can pose significant problems for a company.

In other words, localization adjusts the content of websites, catalogs, advertisements, or other marketing materials to make it appropriate for a specific country, area, or population. Localizations help eliminate possible local sensitivities and cultural taboos that are frowned upon.

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Localization adjusts the content of websites, catalogs, advertisements, or other marketing materials to make it appropriate for a specific country, area, or population. | Word Philocaly

Think of one of those large multinationals in the IT sector or technology sector. All of them say they have great values ​​and ideas. And, they love to convey and communicate messages to their users all over the planet. These companies do not want to risk misinterpretation in any particular country or market.

It is why they ensure that all their marketing content is not only in perfect translations but also in ideal localizations. To do so, they must find out who their target audiences are.

Professional Translation Services Coupled with Localization Help Companies in Malaysia Grow

The translation and adaptation of marketing content is not the only thing that a professional translations services company can do. With professional native translators and many years of experience, you can also obtain advice regarding the inappropriate use of colors, images, symbols, or other sensitive subjects.

For example, are you aware that red may be a great color that signifies prosperity in China, but it can also mean mourning and sacrifice in South Africa? Or, in a more conservative country (such as Indonesia), you will not see in advertising photos of people hugging or kissing – due to their religious beliefs and a great appreciation for intimate and personal space.

Examples of Translation and Localization

A real example is found in the international fast-food chain McDonald’s. You can check their content by location yourself. McDonald’s not only translates and adapts (localizes) the marketing elements but also modifies and perfectly modifies its menu to each region or country.

It is very likely that at a McDonald’s restaurant in Thailand, you can taste some food items that you will not find in Malaysia.

And of course, this also happens in many other industries or sectors among different countries – not just the food and beverage industry. Other industries that opt for localization are retail sectors, IT, travel, etc. Some companies even change their brand name completely in certain countries to accommodate their desired target market.

Final Verdict

In summary, since all countries are truly different markets, with different ethnicities, dialects, religions, values, customs, and beliefs, resorting to professional translation services should indeed be every company’s priority. At least for businesses that want to approach both existing and potential customers successfully. 

Localization through professional translation services will take into account local sensitivities and cultural differences. A region’s religious or political elements can also significantly impact a company’s reputation in a foreign market.

Effective professional translation services may not guarantee immediate success (since a thriving business also depends on many other factors), but its absence can guarantee failure. 

Word Philocaly: Your Professional Translation Services Provider

Word Philocaly provides fast, reliable, and superb quality professional translation services and localization services with the help of our global network of professional translators. Our professional translation services are available in all major languages such as English, Chinese, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Indonesia, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, and many others. 

Get in touch today to enquire. 

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