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How to Choose a Translation Agency in Malaysia

Do you need a translation agency in Malaysia but don’t know where to find it? Can’t decide on a particular translation service in Malaysia? Are you worried that translations are too expensive? Worry no more! Here you will find some tips for choosing a translation agency in Malaysia according to your needs.  

But…where to start to find a first-class translation agency in Malaysia? 

Start with the basics. Think about what you need. In other words, do you need a technical translation, official translation, simultaneous interpretation, or consecutive interpretation? That’s a good starting point, as some translation agencies in Malaysia specialize in just one service. Some only offer official translation services in Malaysia, while others focus solely on simultaneous translation services (interpretation).  

Now think about the proximity. If you prefer a translation agency near you, look for local translation agencies. For example, if you are in Johor, search for “translation companies in Johor” or “translation agencies in Johor” in Google to find all the available options. If you’re overseas and prefer to look for high-quality and more affordable translators in Malaysia, you can search for “translation agency in Malaysia” or “translation company in Malaysia”. Of course, you should also follow the guidelines below to ensure you find a quality service.  

Where to Find Quality Translation Agencies in Malaysia?   

1. Internet  

As we already mentioned, you can use search engines like Google and Bing, among others. You can find official websites, Facebook pages, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles, etc. You can also search for videos on YouTube that offer translation services in Malaysia. Then, you will be able to choose the most suitable translation agency according to the guidelines that we will mention below.  

2. Recommendations From Other People   

Another option is to ask your colleagues and friends. Indeed, almost every company and even some individuals have needed some sort of translation, given the increased demand for translations. You can also check customer reviews online to ensure that the translation agency in Malaysia provides a good service.  

3. Advertising  

Look at what surrounds you. You will likely find an advertisement about a translation agency in Malaysia on the street, bulletin boards, or even on television or radio. Open your eyes wide as the translation agency in Malaysia you need could be closer than you think.  

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Guidelines for Choosing a Translation Agency in Malaysia   

1. Digital Presence  

The translation agency in Malaysia must have a good digital presence. Have a web page with the information you need: contact information and enquiry form. In addition, it must offer up-to-date information on translation services. That is to say. The blog posts have recent dates; there are customer testimonials from the last few months, news about the translation company, and anything else that shows that the translation agency in Malaysia is still active.   

In addition, the client testimonials will show you what the service offered by that translation agency in Malaysia is really like. This will help you choose a translation agency with the best service and high customer satisfaction. 

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Almost every company and even some individuals have needed some sort of translation, given the increased demand for translations. | Word Philocaly

2. If the Translation Agency in Malaysia Has a Long History in the Market   

It must be an agency with a long history. We suggest looking for translation agencies in Malaysia with at least five years that demonstrate stability in the market. In addition, you will be sure that the translators have enough experience to offer quality translations in this way.  

This experience can be verified by the type of clients with whom the agency works. For example, recognized companies are clients of the translation agency; also, the experience of the translators you will work with.  

3. Ethical Principles and Human Factor   

A professional translation agency in Malaysia is not just about legal existence, track record, experience, or digital presence. The translation agency must offer something that the other translation companies in Malaysia do not offer. It’s about customer service.  

It should be rather easy for clients to contact the company. Either by mail, phone, or through their website. And not only that, the agency should respond promptly. Many customers complain that they do not receive a response in time or do not receive a response at all. This shows poor customer service. Also, since we are dealing with translations, the translation agency in Malaysia must have multilingual staff that can serve clients with multiple languages. This facilitates communication and prevents misunderstandings. It is also vital to offer a friendly service that satisfies the customer.  

In addition, the agency must be governed by principles of work ethics such as:   

  • Confidentiality  
  • Honesty and transparency  
  • Responsibility and punctuality in delivery  
  • Translation quality  
  • Fair and reasonable prices  
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A professional translation agency in Malaysia is not just about legal existence, track record, experience, or digital presence. | Word Philocaly

Why Choose Word Philocaly as Your Translation Agency in Malaysia?   

The answer is simple: We meet all the requirements, and we can help you!  

Word Philocaly has been in the translation market for more than 12 years. It is a legally constituted company in Malaysia with the SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia)

On our website, you can find information about all our translation services in Malaysia: official translation, technical translation, business translation, website translation, certificate translation, document translation, and many others. In addition, you can quickly contact us by phone, email, and our enquiry form.  

We work hand in hand with several professional translators in Malaysia and even abroad with extensive experience with national and international clients. All of our staff are bilingual, and you will be able to communicate with them easily. In addition, all the people who work at our translation agency in Malaysia are governed by strict quality and work ethics standards.  

And finally, we know that the price of translations is usually a big concern for most people. But we can assure you that you will get an excellent service at a great price with us. We have worked with large companies that have been satisfied with our service. You can read some of our most recent customer reviews.  

If you still have questions, you can also contact us directly or read our blog.  

We hope you choose us as your translation service provider in Malaysia!  

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Word Philocaly has been in the translation market for more than 12 years. It is a legally constituted company in Malaysia with the SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia). | Word Philocaly

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Translator?   

The characteristics of a good translator are requirements that they must meet to be considered a professional, someone who meets what large companies demand today.  

If you want to know what an excellent translator is in the labor market in Malaysia or if you are an entrepreneur and do not want to take risks by hiring a translator who is not a professional in what he or she does, take a look at the following main characteristics of a fully qualified translator!  

1. Master the mother tongue  

A good translator must have a high linguistic command of their mother tongue. The translator must have good spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, etc. This ensures that the translated text is error-free and easy to understand.  

2. Master a second language  

Like the mother tongue, you must also have a high linguistic command in the second language to better understand the message and its structure. In addition to basic knowledge, it is essential to acquire other types of accessory knowledge, for example, cultural knowledge. This enriches the translations and the translator. In this case, we can refer to idiomatic expressions, which we must adapt to the cultural context of the target language, and therefore we must have this accessory knowledge.  

3. Know how to write correctly  

It is also essential that the translator writes well in their mother tongue, into which they generally have to translate. The writing of it must be impeccable so that the client is satisfied. For example, in the case of literary translations, the translations are often printed several times; therefore, it is not only the client who reads what the translator writes. This is why the translation must be easy to read.  

4. Good time management  

Usually, translators work independently. The translator must be responsible and comply with what their job demands, have a focus and discipline; they must be committed to their work.  

5. Good management and knowledge of technology  

Technology is a translator’s best friend. It helps them resolve any doubts regarding a project, and any information found can be helpful in the future.  

6. Attention to details  

An outstanding translator must be meticulous. They must be aware of any error, terminological inconsistency, doubt, spelling error, typographical spelling, etc. This is why the following characteristics are so important.  

7. Always take the necessary time to carry out the pertinent revisions  

Proofreading and reviews of translations make a big difference in terms of quality. If the translator takes the time to review the document in parallel with the original, and after it has been translated, its quality will improve considerably. For this reason, at Word Philocaly, we include proofreading in our translation process.  

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An outstanding translator must be meticulous. They must be aware of any error, terminological inconsistency, doubt, spelling error, typographical spelling, etc. | Word Philocaly

8. Make reasonable decisions  

In case of terminological doubts, it is crucial to analyze the thematic field and the source of information found to choose the best term. You should do your research very well and not just take the first translation you come across, like those “Google Translate” translators who copy the translation without even bothering to dig a little deeper. It’s like going to another doctor for a second opinion if you have doubts. It’s that simple.  

9. Maintain document formatting  

PDFs are a headache for many translators, but sometimes you have to give a little more of yourself to deliver the document in the same format in which it is received and make clients happy. Some handy converters are Nitro; some online converters that maintain the formatting of even the most complex documents, and of course the Microsoft Office, to name a few.  

10. Love their job  

In addition to fulfilling these previous characteristics of an amazing translator, loving the work of a translator is crucial. Indeed, choose a job you love, and you won’t have to work a single day in your life.  

If the translators you found have fulfilled the ten characteristics of an excellent translator, I congratulate you! Your translator meets market expectations of a translation agency in Malaysia. 

And if you are a business person looking for a translator who meets these ten characteristics, Word Philocaly have what you are looking for.  

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Why big companies partner with translation agencies in Malaysia like Word Philocaly? 

1. The current market  

The way large companies approach international markets has changed in recent years. Big companies used to send the same generic message in just one language. However, globalization has changed everything. Customers have shown an interest in consuming content in their native language or even in multiple languages. Of course, many companies have realized this and have changed how they communicate with international customers to be successful in the global market.  

Generally speaking, large companies and companies of any sizes have begun to use translation as a tailor-made solution. Something that has allowed them to expand their market adapt to the needs of their customers, and improve their brand. Of course, this decision is based on the various advantages that translation offers for companies. And to get down to business, let’s first look at why some companies prefer to partner with translation agencies rather than freelance translators.  

2. Freelancers vs. translation agencies  

When we talk about freelance translators, we refer to freelance or independent translators who do not work in an agency. It is a direct relationship between the translator and the client.  

As far as translation agencies or companies are concerned, they are companies that work hand in hand with several translators and interpreters. It is a company-client relationship where the client has a more indirect relationship with the translator.  

In the end, the client is the one who decides if they prefer a freelance translator or a translation company. However, for large companies, translation agencies can be a better ally. This is due to the significant advantages they offer in terms of volume, variety of languages, and consistency, among other things that we will see below.  

translate malaysia to indonesia - translate malaysia to arabic - translator malaysia to english - filipino to malaysian translation - malaysia to english translation - malaysia translate bangladesh - malaysia translate birth certificate - word philocaly
Globalization has changed everything. Customers have shown an interest in consuming content in their native language or even in multiple languages. | Word Philocaly

Advantages of hiring a translation agency in Malaysia

The translation needs of large companies are different from those of other clients. In general, large companies need:  

  • High volume translations  
  • Multilingual translations  
  • Translations in various formats  
  • Official translations and business translations  
  • Interpretations for massive events  
  • Among other things 

Other clients might not need as extensive or as varied translations. A translation company in Malaysia can deliver high-volume, multilingual translations in shorter turnaround times. This is because several translators can work on the same project with several languages simultaneously. At the same time, a freelance translator will have to do everything alone.  

1. Volume and multilingual translations  

Let’s see it this way. If you need a translation of 40 thousand words in 5 days, it will be practically impossible for a freelance translator to meet the deadline. This considers that a freelance translator can translate approximately four thousand words a day. You would have to translate more than eight thousand words a day for this project! It would be a superhuman effort since it would take twice as long (10 days) to translate the entire document. Whereas a translation company could split the project between 2 translators, meet the deadline and still have time to review.  

The same happens when you need to translate into multiple languages. You need to translate the same document into these languages: English, Malay, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. A freelance translator could be fluent in 2 or 3 languages. So, you would need to hire at least two freelance translators to cover the language demand. And this is added twice the time each freelance translator needs for the 40 thousand words, multiplied by the 2 or 3 languages. Something like 20-30 days.  

Instead, a translation company can carry out the project simultaneously with several translators. Two translators are needed for each language to meet the 5-day deadline!  

When comparing freelance translators with translation companies, who turns out to be the winner is clear.  

2. A lasting relationship  

Another advantage that translation agencies offer to large companies is the possibility of establishing a lasting relationship.  

The freelance translator could be on the road, busy with other projects, or even change jobs for one reason or another. So, he would have to find another partner, whereas the translation agency will always be there. And it does not matter if the translators are changed for the project since translation companies usually maintain term bases, glossaries, translation memories, software, CAT tool licenses, and other documentation that maintains the consistency and quality of the translations.  

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If you are a business person looking for a translation company in Malaysia that meets these characteristics, Word Philocaly have what you are looking for! | Word Philocaly

3. Other benefits for companies  

Another aspect is that of billing. For companies in Malaysia, it is easier to invoice a provider with whom you have a long-term relationship. There is not so much paperwork or changes in bank details. Payments can be made in advance, monthly, or as agreed with the translation agency.  

Furthermore, there is nothing like a good relationship between a client and a translation service provider. This leads to better benefits regarding discounts on high-volume translations, awareness of your brand, non-disclosure agreements, etc. In addition, since translation agencies partner with businesses in various markets, they offer other complementary language services such as:  

You can find more information about our translation company in Malaysia and the benefits of choosing us on our blog and website. If you are ready to expand your market, do not hesitate to contact us, we will get back to you shortly!  

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